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Part 1

Value Engineering: Visit equipment vendor facilities to monitor
fabrication/assembly rotating equipment to verify conformance with
engineering specifications and drawings. Witness performance tests including
bearing temperature stabilization and vibration signature of the rotating
equipment. Provide final acceptance inspection. This work was performed for
the rotating equipment referenced under Quality Assurance.

New Construction Surveillance: Follow construction, at job sites, of new
mechanical equipment, tanks and pipings facilities to ensure compliance with
specifications and drawings. Projects included:

Test and Start-up: Write test procedures and participate in start-up of
mechanical equipment and facilities at sites.

Develop Specifications: Develop specifications/design drawings for installation
of mechanical equipment, piping and tanks. Work with estimater and scheduler using
Primevera and Quatro Pro to cost and schedule this work for the following petrochemical
and oil and gas projects:

Employment History:



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