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Part 2


25 Sombrero Lane, St. Rose, La. 70087


B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1964
M.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1966
University of Missouri at Rolla


Registered Professional Engineer in Louisiana.
Registered Professional Engineer in Missouri.


Thirty Years of Experience in the engineering, design and construction of
mechanical equipment for the petrochemical and oil and gas industry.
Experience gained in Quality Assurance, Value Engineering,
New Construction Surveillance and Test and Start-up of Mechanical equipment
is stressed to reflect present Job Interests (Goals).

Quality Assurance and Compliance Review: Provided Quality Assurance
review/approval of equipment vendor submittals and construction contractor
submittals to verify conformance of submittals with engineering specifications,
prior to equipment fabrication or installation at job sites. This work also
included checking mechanical construction drawings for compliance with
Piping and Instrument Drawings (P&IDs). Work with scheduler,
using Primevera, to ensure project schedule maintained. Equipment and facilities included:

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