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"I have seen the film Boy's Don't Cry and as the only person who knew all of the parties involved, I feel outraged at the filmakers depiction of events.... Writer-Director Kimberly Peirce asked me to cooperate with her research, but despite her claims in the press, I refused to. Producer Christine Vachon and Peirce have made a film that destroys the spirit and the memory of Brandon as badly as the two killers destroyed his body. It is an insult to me, to the people of Nebraska, to Brandon and to the truth. It is the second murder of Brandon Teena."

LANA TISDEL (statement released by Fox after settling lawsuit with Lana for an undisclosed amount-March 2000)

"I would like the public to know how realistic I found Hilary Swank's portrayal of Brandon. She Captured the real Brandon."

LANA TISDEL (The Brandon Teena Story)

"The cops told me and Brandon to go in a room and for me to find out and all this, so me and Brandon went in there"