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John Lotters Story

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Artwork inspired by Brandon Teena

Pictures of Brandon Teena, Lana Tisdel, Marvin Nissen, John Lotter, and Falls City Nebraska

News about Brandon Teena  Information about Boy's Dont Cry, The Brandon Teena Story, The Life and Death of Teena Brandon Information about the book All She Wanted, Aphrodite Jones

Quotes of John Lotter, Lana Tisdel, Leslie Tisdel, Tom Nissen, Kimberly Peirce, Chloe Sevigny

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Brandon Teena, Lisa lambert and Philip Devine were victims of a triple homicide

December 31st,1993 in Humboldt, Nebraska

Brandon has been the subject of a Fox Searchlight movie

starring Hilary Swank and Chloe Sevigny entitled

"Boy's Don't Cry"

A role for which Hilary won a Best Actress Oscar

and Chloe was nominated for Best Supporting Actress

An award winning Documentary entitled

"The Brandon Teena Story"

An A & E American Justice documentary entitled

"The Life and Death of Teena Brandon"

A groundbreaking web art exihbit commisioned by the Guggenheim museum entitled


A true crime book entitled

"All SHe Wanted"

A novel entitled

"The Illusionist"

And the inspiration for a song

by The Pet Shop Boys entitled

"Girls Don't Cry"