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Gentleman Jim Reeves

This is a page dedicated to the "Legendary Jim Reeves" [1923-1964]



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Info About Jim Reeves

The people of the Indian Subcontinent
as elsewhere in the world
have fond memories of the
fine music Jim produced
during the years 1954-1964
before his tragic death in an airplane crash.

His recordings sold well in South Asia, especially
in the Karachi/ Bombay-Goa-Mangalore/ Colombo area,
and I'm sure that many of the older folk
still occasionaly listen to their well-preserved LP's
and wistfully look back to that pleasantly cool evening,
shuffling around the floor
to a rendition of "He'll Have to Go",
at the Christmas dance
in 1961.

He was so much a part of our lives and loves.
Many a young fellow would sing Jim Reeves' songs
to his sweetheart in those days.
And, if he could really get his voice down low enough,
he might just have a chance to win her heart!


Jim started public life as a broadcaster on KWKH "Louisiana Hayride"
in the early fifties.
He had written a few songs and was hopeful
for a chance to sing them on this very popular radio show.

His chance came one Saturday night in late 1952,
when the legendary Hank Williams failed to show up
for a scheduled appearance.

The audience showed their enthusiasm for Jim's renditions of: "Mexican Joe",
"Billy Bayou", "Bimbo" and other great songs
and he became a regular on the show.

Chet Atkins, the famous guitarist and Vice-President of R.C.A.,
realized Jim's potential and a partnership was formed
which would last up until the untimely death of Jim Reeves on July 31, 1964.

Many a fine record album was produced by this team
which included the superb backup of the "Anita Kerr Singers"

The recordings of Gentleman Jim are still bringing in royalties
of a quarter of a million dollars [US] annually.

35 years since his passing!

"By 1965, Jim Reeves had more albums available than Elvis Presley
and was eventually to accumulate LP sales in excess of 80 million,"
British Reeves expert Steve Morehead writes
in the magazine Country Music People.

"Although his popularity in America has probably waned in recent years,
Sri Lanka, India, the Carribean and South America
are among the most important markets."

An eerie continuing theme of Reeves' popularity is that many fans
apparently don't know that the singer is dead.
"People call in for his autograph and want his itinerary,"
Mary Reeves Davis said in liner notes to the 1992 RCA Records
CD compilation Welcome To My World.

By THOMAS GOLDSMITH Staff Writer The Tennessean

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Thank you, Gentleman Jim, yes, thank you for the memories !

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Jim Reeves Obituary

NASHVILLE, Aug 2 (AP) ---Jim Reeves, 39 years old, the country music singer, and a companion were found dead in the wreckage of a private, single-engine plane 10 miles south of here today.

Mr. Reeves' body was identified from a driver's license taken from the wreckage. The other victim was believed to be Mr. Reeves' pianist and road manager, Dean Manuel, 30.

The plane crashed Friday night on a return trip from Batesville, Ark. John Kane, a Tennessee highway patrolman said the plane was demolished. The engine was partly buried. The plane crashed in a wooded area just off U.S. 31. There was some evidence of fire in the wreckage.

The bodies were taken to a Nashville funeral home. More than 700 volunteer searchers, civil-defense workers and policemen covered a 20-square-mile area for two days. Military, state and private planes also searched the area.

Many of the searchers were Mr. Reeves' friends and associates in the country-music business. They included Chet Atkins, the guitarist, and Eddy Arnold, Stonewall Jackson, and Ernest Tubb, the singers.

Mr. Reeves turned to music when he suffered an arm injury in spring training with the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. The former "Grand Old Opry" star recorded a number of popular songs, including "Four Walls," "He'll Have To Go," and "Mexican Joe." He recently was star of a movie, "Kimberly Jim," filmed in South Africa and just released in this country.

©1964 The New York Times

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to view a photo of Jim's grave in Carthage, Texas, USA
and leave a brief Memorial Notice

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