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This 88 Mustang belongs to Greg "PUGE" Finley of Detroit Mich. It's all stock for now, but he plans on doing the common bolt ons.

This T-BERRY's car its come a long way. With some basic bolt ons its ran a low 14.

Here are some of the fellas cars, Troy,Dave, and one of Daves friends. We were all over Dave's house getting ready for the May 1 cruise. We had a good time. Daves cars didn't start until the next day.

These cars were in the autorama this year. I had more pictures, but had a problem with my camera. These were the only ones that came out. Sorry.

I would like you guys to meet my friend Lou, aka "Tex". This guy has to speed fever, he can't leave any thing stock. He plans to run some mid 9's this year. I think he'll do it!!!! The car sounds really good. I won't talk about the mods that he has done to the car, but I'll just say that he has just about the best of every thing. Check out his bike. Completely custom. Paint, rims, exhaust, carbs, and a fully polished frame. You can look for Tex in some upcoming mags. I think that he should make it with no problem. Wish him luck.

This is Lou's friend and neighbor Kevin. He ran in Joilet Ill., at the W.F.C. He runs 10.30's, but he thinks his car should hit 10.0's with a little tuning.

I don't know these guys but they where at Joilet also. I thought that since they were local boys, they should get space on my page.