T.V. and Special Appearances:
Boston Music Awards ('90)
3 appearances on Arsenio Hall ('90-'92)
1 hour Walt Disney Special ('91)
Amnesty International ('91)
Rockin' Rio ('91)
3 United Cerebral Palsy Shows ('89-'92)
2 Pay-Per-View Concerts (NY)
Jazz Mecca Festival (Netherlands '92)
St. Croix Jazz Festival (Virgin Islands '93)
Groove Island Tour (Japan '94)
Super Jazz Concert (Korea '95&'00)
Warsaw Jazz Festival (Poland '95)
Mt. Fuji Jazz Festival (Japan '95)
Blue Note Tour {Japan '95)
Street Jazz Tour (France '95)
Northsea Jazz Festival (Holland '96,'04)
Montreux Jazz Fest (Switzerland '97)
In Session at W. 54th Street, Episode #111 ('97)
Long Beach Jazz Fest ('98)
Lilith Fair Tour ('98)
Good Morning America ('98)
Montreal Jazzfest('99)
Stockholm Jazzfest('00)
Poori Jazzfest ('00)
BET Jazz-Jazz Scene('01)
Wall To Wall Miles (NY)('01)
Capital Jazz Fest ('98),('01),('02)',('03), & ('05)
Smooth Jazz Awards ('02)
The Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno('02)
The Carson Daly Show ('02)
Blue Note Tour Japan('02)
Essence Festival-New Orleans ('02)
8101 Mhz with Michel Wright('02)
America's Jazz Fest('03) Jazz Attack Tour ('05) Berks Jazz fest ('06),('07) Bass Bash (NAMM '06 & '07) All-star Smooth Jazz Cruise ('07)
Chico Freeman & Brainstorm - "Threshold" ('92)
Jack Lee - "Gracefulee" ('93)
Norman Hedman - "Flight Of The Spirit" ('94)
Takeshi 'T.K.' Ito - "T.K. Covers" ('94)
Raw Material #1 with M. Kikuchi ('96)
Tim Hagans - "Animation/Imagination" Grammy nominee! ('99)
Hagans/Belden-"Re-Animation Live" Grammy nominee! ('00)
David Dyson - "Soulmates" ('99)& ('00)
Yvonne Johnson - "Malcolm's Set" ('03)
David Dyson - "The Dawning" ('04)
Three Keys- "Private Stock" ('05)
Phil French- ('06)
Marcus Mitchell- ('07)
Performed, Toured, and/or Recorded with:
Carmen Appice
Manola Badrena
Walter Beasley
Bob Belden
Delmar Brown
Jocelyn Brown
William Calhoun (Living Colour)
Tommy Campbell
Rufus Thomas
Steve Coleman
Kenwood Dennard
Ursula Dudziak
Alex Foster
Micheal Franks
David Sanborn(GMA TV show)
Phil UpChurch
Peter White
Liam Teague
Temika Moore
Kurt Bestor
Candy Dulfer
Doc Powell
Chico Freeman
Tim Hagans
Fareed Haque
Terumasa Hino
Toninho Horta
Ron Holloway
Takeshi 'T.K.' Ito
Bob James
Hillary James
Patti McCoy
Masabumi Kikuchi
Jordan Knight
Marky Mark Walberg
Me'Shell N'degeocello
Chuck Brown
Rick Braun
Richard Elliott
Kim Jordan
Brian Simpson
Gerald Albright
Pam Williams
Norman Brown
Marion Meadows
Greg Karukas
New Kids On The Block
Greg Osby
Raahsan Patterson
Professor Philmore
Pieces Of A Dream
Scritti Pollitti
Dianne Reeves
Lonnie Liston Smith
Gary Thomas
Cassandra Wilson
Miles Jaye
Norman Hutchins
Freda Battle & Family
Fred Yonnet
John Stoddart
Kirk Whalum
Nolan Williams
Paul Taylor
Gerald Veasley
Alexander Zonjic
Jackiem Joyner
Marion Meadows
Bob Baldwin
Marcus Johnson
Walter Hawkins
Dennis Chambers
Philip Bailey
Bobby Lyle
Allyson Williams
Roberto Silva
Bill Summers
Wynton Marsailis(jammed)
Bernard Wright(jammed)
Micheal Lington
Ben Tankard
Jonathan Butler
Ronald Boo Hinkson
Alan Hewitt
Debbie Gibson
Joe McBride
"Hangin' Tough Live" (New Kids On The Block)& Greatest Hits Videos(DVD)
"On the Edge" (Walter Beasley)
"Call Me" (Walter Beasley)
"In Session at West 54th Street Episode#111"(Me'shell)
"In Person-Live"(Marcus Johnson Live)(DVD)
"He's The One" (Beautiful Flower Productions-1999)
World Travels:
Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany (east and west), Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Malaysia, Mexico, The Netherlands, Norway, Phillipines, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Singapore,South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland,Turkey, USA, Virgin Islands,Zambia,Swaziland

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