A comedy about a bumbling batchelor, with his rather strange methods of doing things. Starring:


Mr. Bean is first seen driving in a red Mini, following a blue Reliant Robin, which gets tipped to the side when he overtakes it. He drives to a school, where he goes straight into a signpost. There, he is ready to sit an exam, and decides to annoy the bloke sitting next to him. When he asks if he's done his revision, he tells him he has, and has concentrated in Trigonometry, and the student tells him he's done Calculus mainly, whereupon Mr. Bean worries him by telling him he believes they concentrated on Calculus last year. He further annoys him when he starts getting his pens and pencils out, by producing dozens of them himself, followed by his lucky mascot of a tot pink panther and policeman, and an alarm clock which he sets. On opening his green paper, he finds he can't answer the questions, and so he takes all measures to look at the other students answers, including pretending to have dropped his pencil, but has little success, and eventually bombs out. Two minutes before the end, the Invigilator asks if at the end, the people who anwered the green Calculus paper, will post them in the green box, and the ones who answered the white Trigonometry paper to post them in the white box. Mr. Bean quickly finds the white paper, and hurriedly answers the questions. When his pen runs out, he grabs one off the student next to him, and shortly has to be told three times by the Invigilator before he stops writing, and his alarm clock goes off. He then drives to a beach, passing the Reliant Robin again, which gets tipped aside. At the beach, he has to go down a lot of steps, and then decides to change into his swimming trunks. However, there is a man wearing sunglasses sitting down in a deckchair, and Mr. Bean doesn't want him to see him changing. He discretely puts his trunks on over his trousers, and very cleverly manages to get them off from underneath. It takes him a while, and after managing it, the man in the chair gets up and picks up a white stick. Mr. Bean then drives to a church, and pushes the Reliant Robin out of it's place. Hearing the hymn 'Eternal Father, Strong To Save' in the distance, he rushes into church, and sits at the front, next to Mr. Sprout. He looks for a book, so Mr. Sprout gives him his, just as the hymn finishes, and everyone sits down, except Mr. Bean, who opens his mouth ready to sing a next verse, then realises the hymn has finished and sits down himself. The vicar then gives a sermon, during which Mr. Bean falls asleep, and after waking up, finds himself accidentally attacking Mr. Sprout. While Mr. Sprout already thinks he's weird, he also gets the sneezes, and, in absence of a handkerchief, blows his nose on the inside of his right pocket on his waistcoat. He then very quietly opens a sweet, and is about to dispose of the wrapper in his right waistcoat pocket, when he remembers blowing his nose, and instead puts it in his left pocket. He tries to pop it into his mouth, without Mr. Sprout noticing. He ends up dropping it down his shirt, just as the sermon finishes, and the hymn 'All Creatures Of Our God And King' begins, and Mr. Sprout refuses to share his hymn book with him, but he is able to join in the 'Alleluias'. During the second and final verse, he starts pushing out the sweet, and pretends to be dancing to the hymn. It falls onto the floor, and, in order to bend down to pick it up, he crosses his heart, and is about to pop the sweet into his mouth, when Mr. Sprout looks at him, and he quickly puts the sweet into his right waistcoat pocket, and then remembers just too late that he blew his nose in it. Finally, He drives away in his Mini, followed by the Reliant Robin, into a 'No Through Road', where his car ends up smashed to pieces.


Mr. Bean sees a busker by a subway, and when he finds he has no change to give him, he does a bit of dancing to his music, and soon acquires some for him. He goes into a shop, where he thoroughly tests all objects before purchasing, including a telephone, which he takes off a desk. At the counter, he and another customer get their credit cards mixed up, and just as Mr. Bean puts his hand in the man's back pocket to retrieve his own card, he walks off, with Mr. Bean following him, but he doesn't realise this until they get into a cubicle in the toilets. At a restaurant, he writes his own birthday card, and orders a 'Steak Ta-ta'. He finds he doesn't like his steak, and secretly disposes of it in the ashtray, the vase, his bun, under his side-plate, the sugar bowl, another customers handbag, and a violinists trousers. When the maitre D drops something near his table, Mr. Beandecides to blame him for the mess. The manager apologises, and leads him to another table, where he gets another portion of 'Steak Ta-ta'. During a royal line-up, he touches himself up, by pinching some thread from a waitresses dress to floss his teeth, uses some white card to make a pointed handkerchief, and uses the edge of his trouser zip to clean his nails, whereupon he nearly meets the Royal member with his finger sticking out of his zip. When he finally meets her, and bows, he ends up knocking her out, and quickly runs off.



Mr. Bean buys a new television, but has trouble with the aerial. Eventually, after stripping off his clothes and laying them like a model Mr. Bean looking at the side of the television, he gets the required reception, but them the money in the electricity meter runs out. He then goes to the park to take some photographs, and ends up having his camera pinched. He catches the thief by putting a wire bin over him and pokes him with a pencil. At the police station, he identifies the thief in as line-up, when they all put bins over their heads and he pokes them with the pencil, recognising the scream. When he gets an itcch on his foot, and has to take his shoe off, he ends up losing it, and tries to buy a new single shoe, but them his shoe turns up. At a disco, he messes up a magic trick when looking for his watch, and, after his girlfriend starts dancing with another man, he walks out, and turns off the electricity. On passing a television shop, all the screens suddenly lose reception.




After ignoring various alarm clocks, Mr. Bean finds he has overslept, and quickly drives very fast, at the same time as getting dressed and cleaning his teeth, so as to get to the dentist. After accidentally knocking the dentist unconscious with the anaesthetic needle, he tries filling his own teeth, and ends up sticking them together. He later goes to the park, where he helps a little boy mend his remote controlled boat, then plays with it himself, and ends up controlling a wheel chair which knocks the boy into the lake. During a picnic later that day, someone tries to steal his car, however, he has very cleverly kept his steering wheel with him. Just when he's about to eat a cherry bun, a wasp buzzes about, which he tries stamping on, even drowning in orange squash, and eventually crushes it with his book, but then he meets a whole swarm of wasps.


When Mr. Beans car won't go, he has to wait for a bus, where he sees someone having a heart attack. After various attempts to revive him, he ends up jump-starting him from the lamppost, but then he accidentally electricutes him and has to get an ambulance, but the ambulance won't go, after Mr. Bean steals all it's power to recharge his car. When posting a letter, he loses a stamp, so he offers to post someone else's, then removes the stamp from it for himself. In an attempt to avoid being caught, he ends up hiding in the letter-box and getting locked in, and when he sticks his tie out, as dog goes for it. When he packs to go on holiday, he tries his best to put everything in one small suitcase, by doing things like cutting his trousers, breaking his toothbrush, squeezing most of his toothpaste down the sink, and using a flannel as a towel, but hasn't the heart to cut his teddy bear. On the train, he is disturbed by a hysterical laughing man, and tris to bury his head in his jacket, put his socks in his ears, and eventually sticks chewing gum in them. When the ticket man asks for his ticket, he fails to hear him, and when he sees him, gets such a shock, he ends up throwing his ticket out of the window. On a plane, he sits with a boy who feels sick, and entertains him by blowing up and bursting bags. Mr. Bean doesn't see him when he is sick in a bag, and when he spots that bag, blows it up and bursts it.


At a New Years Eve party, Mr. Bean has guests wearing silly hats. He improvises with the food, by cutting up tree branches for twiglets, and sweetens vinegar for wine, and uses nuts from the bird tree. Fed up, the guests turn his clock forward to midnight, and as it chimes, they and Mr. Bean's teddy sing 'Should old acquaintance be forgot?', then the guests get rid of their silly hats, and join some women in the next flat, one of whom leaves his hat at Mr. Bean's. At a New Year sale, he buys so much furniture, it won't fit in his car, so he ties a chair to the roof-rack, sits in it, and drives from their, using strings tied to the steering wheel, and brushes on sticks to work the pedals. When he coasts downhill, he ends up going up a ramp and into a lorry, containing pillows, and gets stuffing in his mouth. When he re-arranges the furniture, he finds his serving table is moved from the hatch, so he cuts out a piece of the wall, and moves it, but ends up cutt the phone off, and destroying pictures. It also doesn't match the colour, so he decides to repaint. After using his teddy as a paintbrush, and making a mess, he wraps up every object in the room, puts the paint tin in the middle of the room, puts a firework in the tin, lights it, and has to find the doorknob before he can get out. He gets out in time, but one of last nights guests, meanwhile goes in to get his hat back. On hearing the bang, Mr. Bean goes back into the flat, and sees the mans silhouette in the paint, and his footprints leading out of the room.


At a fair, Mr. Bean finds a baby in its pram, which has caught on the carboot latch. When no-one seems to own it, he entertains it by locking it in a kids van. Meanwhile, he has also attracted quite a ferocious dog, which he locks in a ticket stall, and scares off the buyers. He also cheats when he has a go at throwing darts at cards by attaching cards to them first. When he has to change the baby's nappy, he pinches a little girls teddy bear. When he buys the baby a whole load of balloons and ties them to the pram, it floats up in the air, so Mr. Bean buys a bow and arrow, breaks off the rubber stopper, sharpens it with a pencil sharpener, shoots at the balloons, and the baby ends up floating back to its parents. When he realises he has still got a squeaky toy, he sadly squeaks it, without realising he has attracted the dog, which follows him into his car. It is only when he squeaks it in the car that he is scared by the loud bark of the dog.


At a school open day, Mr. Bean pushes away an identical car from a reserved spot, to park his own, annoys a calligrapher, has trouble with static electricity, and turns a boy blue after meddling with a chemistry experiment. In an art class, he is too embarrassed to draw a naked woman, so he makes a clay bra to put around her breasts. In karate, he is too scared to do the throw, so he wraps up the teacher in a gym mat. He then loses his trousers, and when he sees the thief with them in the toilet, he reaches under the door, grabs them back, and throws back the thiefs underpants, which land in the bowl. Before he leaves, he buys a cake, but while he does so, a tank comes and drives over his car. He looks sad for a minute, the smiling, he picks up the bolt, presumably intending to take the car he had removed from 'his' parking spot.


Mr. Bean goes to a launderette where he washes strange things, like a car dice, a door mat, a limo, a lampshade, and his teddy bear, whom he gives a straw for a snorkel. While he changes his trousers, he accidentally picks up another customer's skirt, and gets teased by a karate bloke. For revenge, he swaps his cup of soap for some coffee, which ruin his clothes and cause an angry confrontation with the manager, although in order to convince the customer he has got a cup of tea in his hand, he has to sip some of his soap. Later, Mr. Bean finds his lampshade has shrunk, his doormat is smudged, his car dice lost its spots, and his teddy bear shrunk. When he climbs into a machine to retrieve his trousers, he ends up getting washed. While playing Crazy Golf later that afternoon, he ends up having to hit various things with his club, like a boys ice-cream, a womans shopping bag, and ends up having to go down a drain, into a rubbish bin, and, eventually, when the ball lands on a grass turf, he takes it up, hitch-hikes back to the golf-course, takes the final stroke, and records 3,427.


In a hospital outpatients, after getting a teapot stuck on his hand, Mr. Bean does various things to get in sooner, like swapping tickets with a cripple, and turning the display of the next person's number upside-down, but in the end he loses his ticket, has to get another one, and ends up with the bin stuck on his other hand. At a gallery, Mr. Bean hides and obscene bit on a statue with some litter before photographing it, then rearranges a sentry guard before getting a photograph of that, but he marches off just as it is taken. At night, after reading 'Asterix' to his teddy, and shooting out the lightbulb, Mr. Bean has trouble getting to sleep, and eventually counts some sheep on a picture, with the aid of a calculator. After dropping off, he falls out of bed.


In a hairdressers shop, Mr. Bean is mistaken by various customers for a barber, and after giving unsatisfactory haircuts, the customers come back to complain to the manager, just as Mr. Bean has gone. At a fete, just as a sheepdog has nearly rounded up the sheep in the pen, Mr. Bean claims the spot for parking his car. At the fete, he cheats at the steady hand tester by unplugging it, when trying to hit the headmaster with wet sponges, he also throws other things (which if he hadn't been restrained, would've included a chair), and wins in an animal show by entering his teddy. When he wins a bone, he throws it to the dogs, who fight for it, while he pinches some honey. He then tries to get on a train, and as he has lost his ticket, he has to sneak on. He hides in a mailbag, and ends up on the wrong train, and lands in Moscow.

(* This episode cannot be seen on TV).

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