An archive of classical comedy sketches, song medleys, and serial stories, starring:

The duo got together and performed a variety of hilarious sketches. On a typical episode, it starts with The Two Ronnies at a news desk, where they announce what sort of things will be happening. Ronnie Corbett's first line is "Good evening, it's wonderful to be with you again, isn't it Ronnnie?" and Ronnie Barker replies 's "Indeed it is, and in a packed program tonight...". They also sometimes start with some silly news items, which Ronnie Barker usually announces with another famous line, "But First, The News". They then show some sketches, set in various locations, and in which The Two Ronnies play all kinds of characters. Sometimes, one or the other (or both) may be dressed as a woman. Sometimes, they may play more than one character in the same sketch. Somewhere during the program, there is usually a serial story. It is also expected for Ronnie Corbett to tell a joke, in the spotlight (his chair). The final sketch, is often a song medley. To end the program, we see The Two Ronnies at their news desk again, and one of them says another famous line "Well, I'm afraid that's all we've got time for tonight, but before we go, here are a few items of late news". After this late news, Ronnie Corbett says his final line, "So until next week, it's 'Goodnight' from me", and immediately Ronnie Barker says "And it's 'Goodnight' from him".

Some of the best sketches include:

Some of the best serial stories include:

Some of the best song medleys' include:

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