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Center For The Easily Amused[NEW]
Time to Waste? Try
Ask Dr. Crazy?
Worlds Best Clean Humor* [NEW]
Top 10 Stupidist Lists
Top 10 Worst Home Pages
Computer Humor (*Humour in Canada)
Downsize This! Michael Moore's Home Page
Stephen's Humor* Archive
Rodney Dangerfield
Sy Kopath's Interesting Page
Bizarre Link Page
Froggy Page
Word Plays
A Guide to MRML (Satire)
The Yuckiest Site on the Internet-Kids Luv It
Suzy's Home Page
Skat's World[Parody]
Easily Amused?
Tom's Gallery (Must See)
Sy Kopath's Interesting Page
Web Camera Links
The Ultimate Camera Page
Free Bees
Lotza Links
Hailey's Comet: Great Links
Mark&Stacy: Lotsza Free Stuff and Great Links
BagLady's Cart: Money Saving Tips
From My Place To Your Place

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