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Love is a languague that every heart speaks. . Its sharing dreams and turning them to reality. It's the ocean of love and warmth of friendship that makes my life:-)

Happy Valentine to Ekta from Shrikar Shah


Loving Ithi

Sometimes I think that you Love me because I am "I" or am I "I" because you Love me. Ithi, If I know what love is, it is because of you. A part of you has grown in me, we shall be never part, may be in distance, but never in heart. First duty of our Love is-to Listen because Love is like that Canvas that if furnished by Nature and embroidered by Imagination. Always remember, "If you have Love in your life, you don't need to have anything else but if you don't have it, it doesn't matter much what else you have." With Lots of Valentine Wishes

Your Love


As I search through myself
deep within my heart It's her that I want through the visions of my eye it's her that i see
Inside my ear it's her whispers that i hear
everywhere in my mind it's her that i find
although she's not near i know she's there my knight in shinning armour!!!

Happy Valentine to my dream girl... Bhavin Bhimani


Said I luved you but I lied,
coz this is more than Love what I feel inside
Said I luved you but I was wrong,
coz Luv could never feel so strong
You came out of my dreams, out of the blue, into my life,
Said I luved you but I lied.

To CP from Juhi Baker


one cup of friendly words 2 heaping cups of understanding
four heaping cups of time and patience a pinch of warm personality
a dash of humor
Method:  measure words carefully

- Man from  Mars (Shail)


'Love is a divine power which gives right over a particular person'. For her, friend is a person sailing in the ship of frankness. Happy Valentine day to my parents and friends who make my dreams come true!

-Aditi Shah


Love and friendship are two sides of a coin. Make friends. Wishing ‘Happy Valentine Day to all of them who are a part ofl my life.

-Rushal Patel


Love means an illusion, false promises, fooling around, expensive - just a Dreaded Word! True Love dont exist. Valentine Day is only for people who are not sure of their Love

- Hrudesh Vyas


"Love is a sacrifice, friendly relationship between two persons who are bound to understand, share each other's feelings throughout whole life together."

- Purvi Patel


Love is an affair of the heart. Love is between people who care for each other. Love is friendship with a difference.

Message to All my loved special one:I swear, like the moon and the stars in the sky, like a shadow that's by your side, for better or worse till death do us part, I love u with every beat of my heart, I swear....

Vivek Bhandari


Well about love bugs...I can say that you can enjoy that part. The ultimate reality in the world is that every person is interested in him/her self. Let it be any relation. And love means selflessness and compassion. It is the feeling of to gatherness. I think love is universal and can not be contained between male and female and only two persons. Again as i said it is all programming of mind. Thoughts can be produced and love can be felt. To produce the thoughts of love, we need an object to love to. That's why we choose somebody acceptable to mind and then start loving.

Abhijit Jadeja -  Software Engineer


Love cannot be defined. It can be felt. It is based on matching wavelengths, understanding, care and trust. Most important is Love is a feeling from within the heart. A person can love too many people at a time, the nature of loving is different. A mom, friend, girlfriend or a wife, each identity is separate and so is love which differs as per our affection. Love should be a neutral, selfless, a sacrifice too. It should give peace and contenment.

Atit Mashruwala, US


"Love is pleasure, Love is fun, It makes you go crazy, It makes you run, Accept it, avoid it, treat it as a treat, forget it, forgive it, Love is a feat." Love is a splendour thing which makes the world go round and so, watch out, beware this Valentine Day, is my message to all. Love your friends as yourself but think before you leap. Love has to be true, understanding, trusting, mingling, adjusting, compromising, sharing, binding together to share joys and sorrows. It can be felt. This is love according to me.

Priya Patel,

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