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The winner between Altanta and Silver Back is... **Attention :-)** ________ SILVER BACK!!!!(every one voted for him!) Congratulations to Werewolf! and... to SILVER BACK!!! It still an other showz you can participate to. To know more about it or to see the concurrents and vote, go to the *SHOWZ!* section.

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Hi! You are now in my Site!!!I hope you'll enjoy all my pages, you'll go to my quizlet and you will sign my guess book!!!...And come back!

Here you'll find things that I added or I'll add soon:

I added a Playpen Backgroundz page where you can download special Backgroundz with special picture for your petz playpen! You can even do a special request if, for example, you want a Background with you Pet'z picture! click here

I received this award for the best petz web site from Chance!!! 3,000,000 millions of thanks to him!!

If you have a web site with a link's section, please put the LIYU'S PETZ KENNEL poster in it!

I guess you're waiting for the results of the showz, right? well... they are!!!

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