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Other Gestures

 NOTE: All gestures are in ZIP format!

If you have difficulty saving the gesture to your machine, try right-clicking the gesture name and selecting Save link as (Netscape users!) or Save target as (Microsoft IE). So I guess we're about a 6 pack short of sex, huh? *** NEW Well, what do ya know...I got an admirer! Hmmm...If you are what you eat...does that mean I'm fast, cheap, and EASY!? Tweety - You oughta be ashamed of yourself!!! *** NEW I'm worried about the beer supply...after this case, and the other case...there's only 1 case left!!! *** NEW I wanna be just like you! I figure all I need's a lobotomy and some tights! John Wayne - Ya fresh kid! I oughta belt ya! <<<<<<<<<< BLOND ALERT!! >>>>>>>>>> *** NEW Keep talkin' like a b*tch, I'm gonna slap you like a b*tch! Here's a quarter sweetheart, go buy a clue! If he does that again, you can shoot him! Your clothes, give them to me...NOW!!! *** NEW Tell me...what color is the sky in your world? Come here and give me a hug! Damn, I'm confused as a baby in a topless bar! Dot from Animaniacs - May I help you? Oh, what I'm gonna do to you! Whoa....dumber than advertised! God Damn! That's a BIG fat ass! Uhm, does this condom make me look fat? many times must I flush to be rid of you? Humphrey Bogart - I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship! Foghorn Leghorn - Go! I say go away boy, ya bother me! Wiley Coyote - Sheer Genius! Hello gorgeous! Give us a smile! Goofy laughing Pinky from Pinky & the Brain - Laugh, Narf! Tell me your heart's wish and it's yours! Personally, I think you're a f**kin' idiot! Yosemite Sam - Say, I like you! Marvin the Martian - Where's the kaboom? I'm gonna pull out your eyes and shove 'em down your you can watch me kick the crap outta you! Kick me! Beat me! I'm yours! *** NEW Rhett Butler - You need kissing badly (2 parts) I'm not even sure that's legal! Bugs Bunny - And by the way, you never looked lovlier! Long male kiss You better mind your manners boy! You're actin' like a hillbilly tramp. *** NEW Mindy from Animaniacs - I love you So, did you miss me? Ut oh! Mug neutering time! Saw, saw, saw, plop! That's a little more information than I needed!! *** NEW Norm from Cheers - It's a dog eat dog world and I'm wearing milk bone underwear. Hey! Who do you think your talkin' too? You're not married to me! Animaniacs - Heeelllooo Nurse! Wiley Coyote - Well, even a genius can have an off day! Apparently being human involves more than just 2 arms, 2 legs and the occasional major orifice! Sweetheart? Please pass the pu**y! Pepe Le Pew - Ah, my little dahleeng, it is love at first site is it not, no? Smooch Smooch Well that's just what we call pillow talk, baby... Wakko - Potty Emergency! Wakko (Animaniacs) - Potty, Potty, Potty...I HAVE TO POTTY!!! Her lips said No...but her eyes said, "Read my lips!" *** NEW Ride you like a sled thru the night, if that's what it takes You have the right to remain silent....please shut the hell up! Sticking my tongue out at you. Rugrats - If I was you I'd just stay outta her way...she might have rabies or somthin'! Oh boy! Superb*tch is at it again! You use yer tongue purtier than a $20 hooker... *** NEW I wanna touch you! Now....who's a** I gotta kick ta get myself a beer?