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Maryland Transit Administration

Bus of the Month- JULY 2003
Light Rail of the Month- JULY 2003
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7/13/2003@3:00PM EST.

Welcome to the Unofficial Maryland Transit Administration Website!!! This site will provide pictures, sounds, links, information, and other Maryland Transit related things. Feel free to navigate around this page at your own will. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please email me. But in the meantime...ENJOY THE SITE!!!


July 13, 2003

3:00PM- As many of you all know, I am enlisted in the US Army, as an Air Traffic Controller. Now that I am stationed in Korea you can expect updates to be even more slower. I have updated the bus and light rail of the month page for the month of July and added more to the BUS PICTURES page. Thanks again for your patience, and I look forward to more updates as time allows.-WEBMASTER

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