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Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of Geographically Defined Elements

Second World War

U.S. Army

Part Two: Asia and Pacific

General Headquarters and Theater

GHQ SE Pacific China Burma India
General HQ South East Pacific 1942 China Burma India 1944


Chinese Training Southeast Asia 1 Southeast Asia 2
Chinese Training
and Combat c1944 (1)
Southeast Asia 1943 (2)
1st Version
Southeast Asia 1944
2nd Version


Hawaiian Philippine
Hawaiian 1922 Philippine 1922


Hamaiian Coastal Guam Middle East Pacific Ocean Western Pacific
Hawaiian Coastal
Defense c1942 (3)
Guam c1944 (4) Middle East 1945 Pacific Ocean Areas 1944 Western Pacific 1945


  1. Not approved by the War Department
  2. Original Theater Made Example (Courtesy: Dave Charbonneau). The phoenix was later redrawn so that it faced to its right and would face forward when worn on the left shoulder (2nd version).
  3. Not approved by the War Department
  4. Not approved by the War Department

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