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Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of Geographically Defined Elements

Second World War

U.S. Army

Part Three: Europe and North Africa

General Headquarters and Theater

SHAEF Allied Force North Africa
Supreme HQ Allied
Expeditionary Force 1944
Allied Force 1943 North Africa 1943 (1)
Headquarters European
Theater of Operations 1943
HQ ETO and
Communication Zone 1944 (2)
HQ ETO 1945 (3)


London Base c1944 (4)

Administrative Divisions

European Civil Affairs
European Civil Affairs 1944


Middle East Austria
Middle East Forces 1944 U.S. Forces Austria 1945 (5)


  1. Moved to Italy and redesignated U.S. Army Forces in the Mediteranean Theater in 1944.
  2. After the formation of SHAEF, the Headquarters ETO was given responsibility for logistics and the 1944 design was approved adding the Army Service Forces insignia. The insignia was renamed Communications Zone Personnel, ETO and continued in use until 1946.
  3. When the 2nd design was assigned to Communications Zone Personnel, the HQ adopted a new design.
  4. Not approved by the War Department
  5. This patch was approved July 18, 1945 after the end of hostilities in Europe, but prior to the surrender of Japan on September 2, 1945.

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