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Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of Geographically Defined Elements

Second World War

U.S. Army

Part One: The Americas


Alaska Defense Atlantic Base Bermuda Base Caribbean Defense Eastern Defense
Alaska Defense c1943 (1) Atlantic Base 1942 Bermuda Base 1942 Caribbean Defense 1944 Eastern Defense 1943
Greenland Base Iceland Base Labrador Southern Defense
Greenland Base 1943 Iceland Base 1943 Labrador NE Canada 1943 Southern Defense 1943


Alaska Antilles Panama
Alaska 1943 Antilles 1942 (2) Panama 1922

Military Districts

Washington 1942


Aleutain Islands South Atlantic
Aleutain Islands Forces c1943 (3) South Atlantic 1944


  1. Not approved by the War Department
  2. Originally Puerto Rico Deparment renamed in 1944
  3. Not approved by the War Department

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