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Activities for Family Fun!

Close your eyes and try to remember the most fun your family has ever had. Now tell me, was your family busy doing something together or were you all gathered around the television set? With the ever-increasing demands of school, career and church, Christian families need to relearn how to be together and have fun. When your children are grown, they will remember the special times of family togetherness. Great memories have to be created. A little effort and imagination will fill your family's free time and enrich the lives of those you love most. Here are some simple, inexpensive (or free!) activities that can be enjoyed by almost everyone. Turn off the tube and tune in to family fun! (written by Lois Brenneman)

Table of Contents
100 Fun Things To Do with Your Family
75 More Fun Things To Do with Your Family
Crafts and Craft Recipes


created 4/21/00

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