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Hello I hope you enjoy my little collection.

As you can see my little collection has really grown. Thanks to all of my wonderful friends that send me such great things! There is now another section of email thingy's. The link is at the bottom of the page.

These are things my friends have sent in email. I placed them here to share with everyone. They will make you laugh, cry or just go hmmm.

women's workwe got off the titanic firstchild's B-Day card
wordsYou'll find Jesus theregoing too far
survivora teacher's talelet's talk texan
the Texas 3 kick rulethat's Godthe auction
the burden the grave the hamster
the king's feast the road to success the shoes
the storm the ticket thoughts
a thousand marbles top 40 reasons twenty dollars
twinkies with God request or transferthoughts of the unborn
useful tipsamazing uses of vinegarvoicemail from God
walking the dogwalk on waterthe whipping
when life goes whooshWhy do women cry?Why me?
the windowWilson's words of wisdomDiane's angels

you do make a differencean old documentDoes your heart hurt?
Don't I do anything right Mom?agingThe Dragon
footprint dreamdon't drink & drivethe elevator
embarassing momentsthe 2 nunsreal excuses
interesting facts faith is Farmer Jake
a fifth grade class the flat tire friendship
games when we get older the geese getting old
happiness God is better God's scent
God whispers great ideaslive your dash
God isthings that make you go hmmmmore things that make you go hmmm
Is your hut on fire?hymns to drive bythe 3 pigs
christian abbreviationsadversitya frog tale
anagramsthe angelAnoop

job applicationa prayerAre you absolutely sure?
a reason, a season, a lifetimea teacherAunt Mary
B-I-B-L-EBilly Bobthe birdies
bizarre factshome of the blameBubba & Tiny
candle in the window K-9 prayer case of the pregnant lady
women's comments The Celtic Blessing The center of the Bible
computer guys computer poem congress
Satan's convention mad cow cracked pots
Dale's story I AmI hate mammograms
4 important lessonsIn his waysI watched you today
I wonder?the pickle jarjelly bean prayer
Are you ashamed?Jenny's pearlsJesus is in the house
the senate prayerkids say it!on my knees

God knowsGod's thumbprinta letter from Satan
life's gardena little girl's prayerthe Mathe rose
memo from Godmenopausemergers
Michael's songMichael's storythe midnight call
Misty mother's gifts the little mouse
my saviour when we need love the most the newlywed
nice thoughts the hug little guardian angel
I'm not alone not home yet no time
not too far the greatest occupationthe oil shortage
reappearing indianthe old coupleone of these days
the mammograman orphan's talewishes
patiencePepper's giftpuppies for sale
pushonly a quartermy quilt

the city of regretthe robins breast sad but true
explanation of God school prayer I'm a senior citizen
shake it offshinglesShiv
grandma shoesIn RememberenceCherrie & Susan
slow me down Lord special people Ben's vision
the laundry men at the cross
true wealth as good as her word my attorney
heaven's grocery store asap I am blest
John 3:16 just facts midlife for women
I shall meet you therewhat women look for in a mansfgtd
MikeyThe Lord's baseball gameWhat's important to you?
Carl's GardenColumbine A Father's WordsAWOL
Redneck HaikuGetting the freshest breadtips for driving in W.Va.
Free The Midi

mom winsDear Abbyshopping
in need of a pushbad daythe promises of the 23rd Psalm
the bloodthe great physiciantwas the night Jesus came
a letter from JesusTheme Songs For Biblical CharactersRemember
Kyle 8 gifts that won't cost you a cent God & Satan
Ichabod preservation MY ROLEX!
the Bible in 50 words the outhouse Windows: Kentucky Edition
Minnesota Tourism Who'll Take The Son?> 51 days
What do you want to hear? meet the animals on the astraltheme songs for biblical characters
themes for the agingMADD-I went to a partytaxes
to the IRSgrocerieswords to live by
the wolvesthe vesselquotations by women for women
Who should read the Bible?different people different hymns 9 reasons to be a dog

cross to bearAre You ready for kids?actual letters to Dear Abby
give thanks to The Emergency Crews!Could you do this?the old tin bucket
signsVat a country!the blonde
Has AOL gone mad??different brasthe buttfirst syndrone
poor baby points to ponder Cliff & John
give me an excuse echo of life American sex laws
Do You Really Love Me? a lesson from frogs A frog lesson
Pushups for donuts 3 little trees Think
A Cat Named Dolores this is for realrefined speech
learn about Steviakeep your forkclose the gate
Forello LaGuardiathe athiestthe will
reminiscingHallmark Cards you'll probably never seeThe Master's Card
Dad & Mary10 reasons christians breakupthe viagra housewife

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