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West Virginia is another of our favorite recreation states. They have a nice variety of things to see and do including hiking, skiing, white water rafting, and camping. They also have a GREAT steam railroad at Cass.
Falls Babcock is probably one of the nices parks in W. Virginia. It is located on the east side of the New River down in a gorge. The cabins are really cozy and nice. There are plenty of activities too. 03/31/2002
Falls Blackwater Falls is a beautiful park in Winter or Summer. Although the campground leaves something to be desired, the park is still great. We visit often. 01/03/03
Falls Cathedral is a great little park for a day visit. There is scenic, easy hiking and a nice picnic area. We stopped around May 19, 2001 and again in January or 2002. We enjoyed both visits. 01/03/02
Falls Harper's Ferry National Historic Park is obviously not a state park. But it's a must see for W. Virginia visitors. Not only does it hold a lot of history, but it has some great hikes and beautiful scenery. There are more photos of Harper's Ferry on my railroad page under CSX, Cumberland Sub.
Falls Holly River State Park, is just a few miles west of Kumbrabow. They have cabins as well, but they have electricity and indoor plumbing. There are also alot of other things going on there too.
Falls Kumbrabow State Forest has some nice hiking and some great cabins if you don't mind not having electricity or running water. Let's take a look.
Falls Lost River State Park, is near the Washington, D.C. metro area. That means it could be crowded on-season. But we faced no crowds the first weekend in Nov. 2001. We had a great time. Come see what there is to do. 01/03/2002
Falls North Bend State Park, is in the north-central part of the state. It has plenty to do and includes a lodge and modern cabins. There is easy access to the 72 mile N. Bend Rail Trail that offers great hiking and biking.
Dam 72k Tygart Lake Area I have group three parks on this page because they are within an hour of Tygart Lake. These include Tygart Lake, Prickett's Fort and Valley Falls State Parks. They are all in the Grafton-Fairmont area.
Cave The Misc. page covers areas where I only have a few photos. This page currently has info on Audra State Park, Philippi Covered Bridge , Seneca Rocks and Beartown .


Last Update: 08/09/2003
Ed Houk