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The Lost River Photo Page

Lost River State Park is located in Hardy County about an west of Strasburg, Va. DO NOT USE MAPPING SOFTWARE TO ROUTE YOU THERE FROM THE EAST!!!. It takes you on unmarked country roads. Use Exit 296 from I81 for Rt. 55 to Wardensville. This will become Rt. 296 south to Mathias, WV. Take CR12 west to the park. Becareful ya don't miss CR12. There is a small sign for the park. Now that you are there, what is there to do. Well, they have nice cabins and lost of hiking with good views. There is also a pool and horse back riding in season. All-in-all a nice park. It is called Lost River because the river disappears under a mountain and then reappears on the other side. Let's go see a little of it. Official Lost River web site.
Cabin 80k Cabin #7 is the only 4 bedroom. Plenty of room for 8 people to party. As you can see, the party is well underway. They also have two bedroom and handicapped "modern cabins". These have electric heat as well as the fireplace. There is a new stove, microwave, fridge, toaster and coffee maker, fully equipped. Bring any special cooking utensils you may require. Oh, extra lawn chairs would help for porch sitting. There are also 2 picnic tables on the right side of this deck.
Cabin 106k Standard Cabins are log and fully equiped except for the heat. They are NOT opened all year round. We like these too. They are a little more rustic but quite comfortable.
Fireplace 56k Fireplace Ah, nothing nicer than a cozy, warm fire on a chilly Fall evening. We spent a lot of time in front of this after a day of hiking. It's also great for roasting marshmellows.
Overlook 92k Cranny Crow Overlook After a moderate hike we are rewarded with a view from Cranny Crow Overlook. This stone shelter offers a spot to rest and take some group photos with a nice background. This is the first weekend in November so the leaves have been gone for awhile.
Overlook View 77k The view Well, there it is. I suspect it is nice in the Spring and Fall. There is quite a drop off here. We shot a lot of group photos here to document the trip.
Cabin 106k Historic Cabin This cabin was built in 1840 and restored in 1975. We ate lunch here and checked the place out. Hard to believe someone lived in here. It is two stories but only one room per floor. I forget who built it.
Rockss 85k Rocks This is either Miller's Rock or Cheeks Rock. Either way it was impressive for the East. That's Steve Fisher on the top. We are on Miller's Rock Trail. Long way down!
Rocks 71k The same rocks, different person. It's still a long way down. I have alot of space here so I will ramble a bit. We had really nice weather and will return to this park again. The structures are in the valley and many of the trails go up. The nice part is ya go up first and down when you're tired.
Black Snake 110k Surprise! This stream actually had water in it! That was a first. Most of them were dry.
Falls 83k Yep another bridge. But this is for driving on. It has water.
Deer 100k And another This is on Howard's Lick Trail too. Where'd the water come from? The humans are Ross Harper, Linda Houk and Steve Fisher. Ok, we had a great time. If you like to hike go to this park. Late Fall is a good time to visit too. Have fun.


Last Update: 11/20/2001