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Steamtown is located in Central Pennsylvania in the city of Scranton on I81. While you're there check out the Lackawanna Hotel (Radisson). It was the former headquarters of the Lackawanna Railroad. It is a beautiful building and they did have a great Sunday brunch. I remember the park before it was a park. The area has gone through a lot of changes since the early 80's. If you have never been there it is worth a visit. The museum is very informative and well done. There are also non-rail things to see and do. I highly recommend the Lackawanna County Coal Mine Tour and Anthracite Heritage Museum. For more info on STEAMTOWN, check out The National Park Service's official page.
The Reading T1.JPG 64k Reading T1 2121 quietly greets you as you drive into the parking area. I haven't seen a T1 running since the mid 80's when I rode behind one on the Blue Mountain and Reading. Its not my favorite loco. I never like the shields they put in front of the pumps.
GT.JPG 73k Grand Trunk 6039 follows behind the T1. We didn't really enter the museum this trip. We just hung out waiting for the steam excursion to leave.
Big Boy.JPG 76k Big Boy 4012 is impressive even when it is quiet. At least it is a US railroad loco.
CN3254.JPG 83kCN 3254 I rode behind this Canadian National 2-8-2 when it was on the Gettysburg Railroad. Steamtown received it in exchange for a CN or CP Pacific as I recall. The Pacific later suffered a boiler explosion during a tourist trip. Thanks to the design of the loco and a lot of luck, no one was killed. The Gettysburg Railroad was then sold and tourist runs are diesel now. I don't know where the Pacific went.
CP.JPG 88kA CP local came through as we were waiting for the excursion to leave. This was an added treat. It stopped to drop off several covered hoppers. The mall is in the background.
14.JPG 90kCP and the 3254 go nose-to-nose it seems. 3254 begins her journey to Moscow with the excursion train. This is a nice trip at a reasonable price. Trouble is ya can't hang out the windows and watch the loco work. There is a park ranger on every car and they go crazy if ya do that. I understand why but it still takes away from the experience. It would be nice if they had an open car behind the loco but they say it's not historically correct. I don't want historically correct. I want smoke, cinders and noise up close!
17.JPG 62kSD40-2 5813 pops out from behind the passenger shelter after dropping off several covered hoppers. It then coupled up to it's train and headed south.
14.JPG 65kTrolley The new Electric City Trolley Station & Museum is opened and offering rides. I think it goes up to the old Scranton Iron Works but I'm not sure. If you're a trolley fan check it out. You can stay parked in the Steamtown lot.

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Last Update: 08/05/2001