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ShayThe Cass Scenic Railroad is my favorite tourist line on the East coast. We have been there several times and we always enjoy it. This trip we combined visits to other West Virginia state parks with a trip to Cass Oct. 10-12, 2001. You can see other WV park by selecting the travel page link on the HOME page. There are 21 thumbnails so the page may take awhile to load.
EBT LOGOThe EBT is one of the East's renouned steam railroads. This page also includes the trolleys at Orbisonia. Most of the photos are from the Fall Festival 2000. It is usually held Columbus Day weekend.
Steam LocoSteamtown We had the occasion to be passing by Scranton so we stopped into Steamtown National Historic Site for a quick visit. Here are a few photos. I also got a couple of nice CP shots.
1077.JPG 72k Ft. Steele 2-6-2 1077  leaves the depot on a short 20 minute circular trip. The fort is located in British Columbia, Canada about 10 miles northwest of Cranbrook. No help, eh? Well Cranbrook is north of the panhandle of Idaho. Keep an eye on the travel page for pictures and info on our Canada trip, including Ft. Steele, that will eventually show up when I get the time.
C&T Coaling.JPG 31k Cumbres & Toltec coaling tower in Chama, NM. This train is returning with a group of happy campers from a day's outing. You can actually get some good photos chasing along this line, at least up to Windy Point. I like to take the train out of Chama because they frequently doublehead to Windy Point.
D & S 467.JPG 27k Durango & Silverton At Hermosa, CO has just begun the trip to Silverton. This is one of the most scenic tourist lines I have ever ridden. I must say it is my favorite.
1218.JPG 44k N&W 1218 near Plains, Va. I took this on a hot, hazy Virginia Summer's day about 1989 or so. We chased her Front Royal, Va. to near Arlington, Va., us and about a thousand other people. Too bad she's not still running.
HORSESHOE.JPG 24k Horse Shoe Curve
Probably the mid-50's. I inherited this photo. I believe my father-in-law took it.


This tourist line runs two different trains during the Summer. You can get some good photos from the Caboose Inn and farther East at the picnic area on Cherry Hill Rd. where the trains will meet. In back of the lumber yard in Paradise also is a good spot. You may even see an Amtrak train flying past. This line has several nice engines. There are many rail and non-rail attractions in this area including shopping outlets, The Railroad Museum of Pa. and The Toy Train Museum.
Strasburg 90.JPG 53k Strasburg 90  backs its train out of Strasburg and moves to the grade crossing at the Caboose Motel. Too bad it doesn't go East head first. This is a new series of photos taken July 21, 2000.
Cherry Hill Rd.JPG 77k Cherry Hill  picnic area is the place where the trains meet. June to August Strasburg runs on the half hour using two trains during the weekends so you get twice the action. Number 90 is on the left headed back to the barn. 475 is on the way to Paradise.
Cherry Hill.JPG 66k Cherry Hill  This is the grade crossing at Cherry Hill Rd. Number 90 has just passed 475 at the picnic area. There is a farm on this corner that was holding a maize fair. I guess it is an annual thing with lots of stuff for the kids. This line runs East-West and is difficult to photograph during the Summer while the corn is high. You do not want to trample the Amish farmer's crops to get a photo.
Cherry Hill Rd.JPG 72k 475  is an interesting loco. It is a Baldwin 4-8-0 that ran on the N & W. I believe they were called Mastodons. This is at the grade crossing on Esbenshade Road which is the second road East of the station. The train is heading back to Strasburg.
Caboose Motel.JPG 61k Number 90  is blowin' for the grade crossing at The Caboose Motel. They go at a good clip here. We got lucky because the corn was back from the tracks about 50 yards, so we had a clear shot. Check out one of the caboose accommodations.
475 at Caboose.JPG 53k 475  Now it's 475's turn to show off at the Caboose Motel.
475 at Caboose.JPG 53k 475  into the Strasburg yard area. Note the water plug on the right. Let's go to The Strasburg Railroad official homepage.

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Last Update: 11/17/2001