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Jacqueline's Junque Index

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Poem's by Jacqueline
Reflections of Myself
Blessing Or Burden
Limits of Time
Inspired Words
Dare to Touch
Have I Ever Told You
Dream Lover
You Taught Me
I'll Never Forget
Released You
Trusting Tenderly
Two Connecting
How Do You
The Friendship
I'll Always Care About You
Part of Me
The Mask
The Other Side
Whispers in The Night
This Love
Step Closer
I Wonder
The Letter
Hello, Again
Somewhere In Time
My Wasted Tears
First Meeting
With Pen In Hand
You are...
Endlessly Aching
Time Will Stand Still
No Intention
Forget Me Nots
Don't Ever Believe
Drifting Apart
My Immortal
My Body Yearns
Lonely Eyes
I'll Never Forget You
Ecstasy's Core
Quiet Embrace
May You Always...
To Forgive
How Can I Promise
I'm Wondering
My Promise To You
Please Remember