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Poems by Jacqueline
The Wall
Our Precious Stolen Moments
Love Me Now, Forever
At A Time In My Life
Your Gift
With These Eyes
Once Again
Know Me
Just A Ghost
I looked
Another You & Me
Be There
Drift Back To You
Different Roads
You Didnt Know
Only Yesterday
All The Things
Out Of Reach
All His Heart
Shattered Glass
Whats She Gonna Do?
Risks Of Loving
If Only
When It Snows
To Let Go
Take Time
Loving Memories
A Friendly Goodbye
Holding On
Listen With All Your Heart
Crossing Lines
Telling Myself
Loves Promise
Listen To Your Dreams
Satin & Steel
Uncommon Love
I Loved You Anyway
A Window To My Heart
Hidden In The Rain
My Favorite Year
There Was Such A Time
Do You Really Know?
Beautiful Love
Remember When
There Was Strength
Falling Flowers
Her Reflection
Best Friend
This Night
The Computer
The Whisper of Goodbye
My Forever Love
Cant Cry Hard Enough
Theres Only You
Holding On To Memories
Dream Of Me
The Greatest Reward
Missing My Friend
Not Supposed To Love You
What Kind Of Fool?
Music Of My Heart
More Than I Deserve
Loving This Way
Just For Tonight
Not A Day Goes By
There Used To Be
The Edge of Forever
Tell Me
Long After
Let Me Be A Memory
Me & You
Stand By You
Why Goodbye
Waiting For You
All For Love
Chances Are Tonight
This Woman
One Solitary Tear
Her Words
Falling Tears
Where Would He Be?
Color My World
Always Have... Always Will
Like A Song
I Love You...Goodbye
Your Hand
All We'd Ever Find
Here In My World
Rushing Wings
Tender Lies
Once Upon A Dream
As Long As I Can Dream
May You Have
I Wanted To Be
I Learned...