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Dennis Ring -(Died:June 17,1893) Balto.Co.,MD.
Robert Howard Ring -(Died:April 22,1948) Balto.Co.,MD.
Robert Ruby Ring -(Died:March 24,1972) Balto.Co.,MD.
John Wilbur Ring -(Died:June 23,1999) Danville,VA.
George Herbert Ring -(Died:April 25,1997) Balto.Co.,MD.
Joseph C. Caple -(Died:Bef. January 9,1899) Carroll Co.,MD.
Mary Ann Caple -(Died:Bef. January 9,1899) Carroll Co.,MD.
John Haslup Caples -(Died:April 7,1872) Anne Arundel Co.,MD.
William Janell Caple,Sr. -(Died:Bef. June 16,1857) Carroll Co.,MD.
Isabell (Parsons) Capell -(Died:1717) Anne Arundel Co.,MD.
Jacob Caple -(Died:Bef. December 27,1858) Carroll Co.,MD.
Susan (Brothers) Caple -(Died:Bef. October 19,1885) Carroll Co.,MD.
Jacob Caple -(Died:Bef. August 19,1872) Carroll Co.,MD.
Ruth Ann (Cole) Caple -(Died:Bef. May 2,1876) Carroll Co.,MD.
Ralph Gorman Ring-(Died:March 21, 1989) Balto.Co.,MD.
David Henry Zimmerman-(Died:January 16, 1929) Carroll Co.,MD.
Theodore Zimmerman-(Died:Bef. December 17, 1928) Carroll Co.,MD.
Ann Christiann Zimmerman-(Died:Bef. January 12, 1852) Carroll Co.,MD.