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All Calcs

CompuStarr- A cool site which has a capability of being one of the best Ti sites!

Dimension TI- Awesome place for Ti gamers. Programs for the Ti-73 to the Ti-92.

TI-8x Programming- A cool website containg unique games and links. The BEST site for TI calculator fanatics!

TI-Chip- Cool site with some nice C++ graphics. TONS of games for all kinds of TIs.

TI-Extreme- A new site with some programs but will grow into one of the top sites!

TI-Files- The best place for Ti lovers. Infinite amount of programs at this site! One of the better Ti sites out there!

TI-Link Zone- A new site that contains links to all kinds of TI sites! It is growing very quckly.

Twilight-TI- A TI-8x site with lots of programs and links. You can also submit games and links if you want to.

Some Calcs

Aurora- Bill Nagel's web site. Games like Mario86. The #1 programmer for the Ti-86 and the Ti-83.

Magnum TI- A cool new site for Ti-83 and Ti-82 programs and games!

SiCoDe- The #1 place for Ti-83 BASIC programs. Classic programs which include Ground Assault and Lords.

TI-85 Central- An awesome site full of TI-85 programs, links, etc; Check it out!

TI-83 Websites

BASM- An awesome web site with tons of z80 asm programs! Some exciting PUDS include Pac-Panic, Ice Hockey, and Busta Move!

Dark Prism Productions- This site has awesome programs for the TI-83 including Final Fantasy4.

JWE! Software- This site has lots of high quality TI-83 BASIC games!

Scott Uhl's TI-83 Page- TONS of programs by Scott himself! Lots of PUDS! A good site! You'll like it!

TI-89 Websites

Techno-Plaza- Awesome website with frequent updates and lots of programs and links.

Non-calc sites!

Homi's Joke Empire- A cool site with tons of funny jokes and putdowns!

Kaivan Khoshroo's Sports Page- An awesome sports page with tons of scores for all games played!