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The Middle Years
banner.gif In 1969 I sold most of my station and spent 4 years in the Navy. My remaining gear consisted of a Davco DR-30 receiver, Elmac AF-67 transmitter, and various wire antennas. Later I replaced the DR-30 with a Drake R4B. My personal DX accomplishments were modest during those years. I was president of the radio club at the Naval Air Station in Norfolk, VA. We had exclusive use of a retired aircraft control tower 100 feet high with a commanding view of the area, a two element triband quad on the roof, and a Drake setup (R4B/T4X/L4B). Our group did a lot of exciting DXing and contesting during those peak years of solar cycle 20.

K3YGU in 1970- Davco DR-30
receiver, Elmac AF-67 transmitter.

K3YGU in 1974- Drake R4B receiver, Heath HW-16, and HB 2-813 GG amplifier, tucked away in a basement corner.

K3YGU in 1977- BC-312M receiver,
Knight T-60 transmitter, and Swan
240 transceiver can also be seen
in this view.

The following years were devoted to school and work as an electronics design engineer. The AF-67 was replaced by a Heathkit HW-16. I built a 2-813GG amplifier in 1974 which I used for many years. From 1977 to 81, apartment living limited me to mobile operating. I bought a Yaesu FT-101ZD and did some DXing, taking advantage of the peak of solar cycle 21 to work a few new countries from time to time. I especially enjoyed mobile-in- motion CW, and logged every contact made. Finally, in 1986, a move to my present location made good antennas possible, and I started getting more serious about DXing during 'the DX Decade'.

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