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 Copyright (C) 1995 - 2000 by Joshua Gomeh (White Eagle)


Hello fellow human being,


This file is an emergency call of our time to heal our planet Earth and

to establish and maintain Planetary Healing Circles.


Please feel free to share this file and it's content, or any part of it,

with all who may be interested. Please feel free to copy this file, print

as many prints you may wish to and distribute it in any way you like,

including reposting on the Internet. The permission to share and

distribute this file excludes any commercial purpose -- you are asked not

distribute it for money, not for commercial profit, not in any

commercially published book, or any commercial media. Please include this

note when sharing and distributing this file. This file, it's text, it's

content and the label, or term, or name "The Third Circle" are under



Copyright (C) 1995 - 2000 by Joshua Gomeh (White Eagle), P.O.Box 1093,

Givatayim 53110, Israel.


Please feel free to email me for any clarifications about this file.






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*PSA 23:2 He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me

beside the still waters.


*PSA 29:3 The voice of the LORD is upon the waters: the God of

glory thundereth: the LORD is upon many waters.


*PSA 47:7 For God is the King of all the earth: sing ye praises

with understanding.


*PSA 115:16 The heaven, even the heavens, are the LORD's: but the

earth hath he given to the children of men.


*PSA 72:3 The mountains shall bring peace to the people, and the

little hills, by righteousness.





This is a S.O.S. -- an emergency call -- a call to heal our planet,

Mother Earth and, by doing so, to benefit ourselves. This is a call to all

who care. Please, bear with me and lend me your ears for just few minuets.

Be blessed for your caring and patience.


Time is short and the task is of supreme importance. Since some may be

busy or impatient for long explanations and expositions -- this file is

intended to present the issue in a nut-shell, in a very basic form and

general terms. Widening the scope of our perspective on the matter may be

done later, on an individual, or groups basis.





Urban life and technology have detached very many of us, humans, from a

direct, emotional, energetic and spiritual contact with nature and Mother

Earth. As much as there are variations between individuals and between

various cultures -- this seems to be the overall predicament with most of

Western societies and, to some degree, with major part of the whole of

humanity. Even some cultures which have traditional affinity to nature and

Mother Earth are loosing some aspects of their tradition and heritage, in

the name of "modern progress".


Nature, Mother Earth, have been exploited unduly for too long. Natural

resources being depleted is but one aspect of the predicament. What may be

more important is the loosening of the power of myths in our lives, which

brought about diminished reverence to the sanctity of God's creation,

especially to nature and Mother Earth.





There are many predictions concerning imminent adverse earth changes and

catastrophes of global magnitude. Since various predictions and prophesies

differ in their details, it isn't possible to be certain about the

correctness or accuracy of any of them. Yet, intuitively, the general

common core of all those predictions and prophesies echoes as being, most

probably, true.


Hence, actions are being called for -- urgently. It maybe still possible

to avoid it, or to diminish its magnitude. Even if there is no grain of

truth in any of those predictions and prophesies -- healing Mother Earth

and increasing our connectedness to nature and Mother Earth can do a great

good. Please bear in mind, even if Mother Earth will not be affected even

a little bit by any of those healing and connecting acts, any individual

acting this way will be immensely benefited.


Therefore, the call is to act upon healing Mother Earth and increasing

our connectedness with nature and Mother Earth. If not for God's creation

-- for Mother Earth -- do it for yourself.


Only -- do it.





There are many possible actions, only few will be mentioned in this file

-- those I know based on my personal experience. Other actions may be

found and done on individual and groups basis. Suggestions for other

actions are welcomed, please email. All the actions mentioned below, but

one, can be done either individually or in groups. They are very effective

when being done individually, yet, they are more effective performed in

groups. One thing can be done only in groups: Planetary Healing Circles.


All actions mentioned below are complementary -- each and every one of

them is very effective and beneficial on its own, each and every one is

complementing and enhancing any other action. Do any one of them, do some

of them, or do them all -- only, do it.


All are encouraged wholeheartedly to take whatever actions each and

every individual is able to, whatever actions each and every individual is

willing to. Those who don't have others to do it with in a group are

encouraged to do it individually. Wherever there are groups which can act

towards planetary healing, wherever there are groups which are willing to

take any kind of action -- the benefit will be multiplied. Groups which

will adopt some planetary healing actions will be blessed; individuals who

will assemble to form planetary healing groups will be blessed;

individuals who will do it on their own will be blessed.


Do it in whatever form you can and are willing to -- only, do it.








* Being Conscious


Being conscious of the human predicament and the predicament of nature

and Mother Earth. Many actual and practical aspects and actions follow

one's consciousness and perspective quite naturally and automatically.

Thus, just being conscious is a great step in itself -- being conscious of

oneself, of one's condition and being conscious of nature and Mother



Any way of becoming conscious, or becoming more conscious will do. Any

way will do -- will it be reading, studying, observing, or just paying

attention. Probably most important is to pay attention, to bring it to

one's mind, to be with it, to be aware.


Be with it, pay attention, bring it to your mind, be conscious.





* Willing, or Intending


Energy flows into and from the direction of one's focus, or intention.

This is a natural and automatic process. (This is the way setting goals

works, this is the way positive thinking works -- to the extent it

actually works).


Wish, will, or intend, the benefit of nature and Mother Earth. Wish,

will, or intend the healing of nature and Mother Earth. Let your mind and

intention point to this direction; let your mind and intention aim at it

-- energy will flow and follow on its own course, naturally and






* Reverence


Nature and Mother Earth are God's creation, or, for those who abolish

the notion of God -- a creation, an aspect of creation, an aspect of the

Creating Principle -- whatever that Creating Principle may be. As such,

nature and Mother Earth are worthy of reverence. Revere nature and Mother

Earth, cultivate and enhance your reverence to nature and Mother Earth.


Cultivating one's reverence to nature and Mother Earth may be done in

various ways -- whatever way one may choose to will do. It can be done by

bringing the inherent sanctity of Mother Earth to one's mind, it can be

done by studying and connecting to various traditions and myths.


The best example for reverence to nature and Mother Earth is probably

found in the heritage, tradition and culture of Native Americans

("American Indians"), both in North and South America. It appears to be

the most proper attitude. It seems that the whole of humanity can be

blessed and benefited by the reverence and the attitude of Native

Americans to nature and Mother Earth. Studying and connecting the

reverence and attitude to nature and Mother Earth of Native Americans is

open to all who may wish to do so.


Be blessed by doing so.


Remark: aside from Native Americans reverence and attitude to nature and

Mother Earth, it seems that many of us may be greatly benefited from their

traditional attitude to values of family, especially in finding one's

happiness in the quality of relationship in one's family -- not in the

amount of one's property.




* Healing


Heal, give healing to nature and Mother Earth.


All who may have any experience or knowledge about healing are

encouraged wholeheartedly to conduct planetary healing sessions, that is

-- to give healing, to heal, nature and Mother Earth.


How often to conduct planetary healing sessions is a matter of personal

preference. Those who can dedicate few minutes on a daily basis may have a

great contribution. Even dedicating few minutes on a weekly basis is a



Even those who have no previous experience with healing are encouraged

to do so. The point is that each and every human have some healing powers,

or abilities -- only some have developed it and some didn't do so.

Whatever one's healing level is, it will be very good to heal Mother

Earth. Just stand, or sit, eyes closed or open -- at your choice -- and

intend to heal Mother Earth. Just dedicate some time for this healing and

simply intend to heal the planet -- it can be done anywhere.


Please bear in mind, as much as the mechanics of healing, the way

healing actually works, is not known in full, the technique of healing, or

at least some healing techniques, are very simple. All it takes is

endeavoring to be a clean healing channel. That is, endeavoring to free

oneself, for the duration of the healing session, from any personal wishes

and desires, and intending to heal, to give healing, intending that the

Universal Healing Power will flow through oneself. The healing is actually

being done by the Universal Healing Power, or Energy -- the healer only

serves as clear channel for this Power, or Energy, to flow through. Thus,

actually anyone can heal.


Those who may hesitate to actually perform healing without any previous

experience can just pray for the healing and welfare of nature and Mother



Whatever your healing power and experience may be, some healing is bound

to be there.


Doing so may be a good way to develop and cultivate your innate healing



Be blessed for healing Mother Earth.





* Praying


Pray for the healing and welfare of nature and Mother Earth.


Pray or ask silently to God, or the universe, or all-that-is, or the

Supreme Self, or pure consciousness, or the silence within, or the godhead

within. It is your choice as for who or what to address your praying or

asking, yet, it is recommended to address the highest ideal or concept you

can bring to mind. You may pray or ask aloud, though in our viewpoint

silent praying may be more effective.


Anyhow, praying can be done in a religious context, as much as it can be

done outside of any religious context. One don't have to be religious, or

to become religious, in order to pray. Praying is open to all humans --

wherever they are.


Even if there is no one out there to heed prayers, praying is soothing

the soul and it brings one's attention to a wider perspective.







* Foreword:


This is an extremely simple, yet quit a powerful exercise, developing

and increasing our connectedness to Mother Earth and our consciousness of

Her. A great aid in widening our perspective beyond our immediate personal

needs and wants. It helps developing our love and caring to all-that-is.

It is a great aid in breaking-through the boundaries and limitations of

our thinking mind, our conditioning and self-centeredness.


This meditation is best exercised in a forest, or by a river, or by a

lake or by the sea. It is best exercised when in seclusion, when one is

not likely to be interrupted by other people. Yet, it can be practiced at

any city or village park. It can be practiced at any back yard or front

yard. It can be also practiced in any house or room. Whenever possible, it

is best being practiced outdoors, yet, when convenient, indoors works as



When being practiced outdoors, it is very good to start with some

walking. Walk calmly, at ease. Feel the contact of your feet with the

ground, feel being connected with nature around you, nature as a whole or

any part of it you may perceive. It is good to walk leisurely, enjoying

it, or at least -- aiming at enjoying it as much as you can.


You may stand, or sit, in front of any natural object. It may be a tree,

a bush, a flower, a river, a lake, a sea, a shell, a rock, a stone, a

shrub, a fruit, a bud, a leaf, a grain of sand, a blade of grass -- any

natural object. It is not recommended to practice this particular exercise

with man made or man processed objects, crystals, gems, metallic objects,

totems or power objects.


Usually this exercise is practiced with open eyes, though you may choose

to practice it with closed eyes.




* Instructions for Mother Earth Consciousness:


The exercise is doing one of the following:


1. Try to perceive the consciousness of the object in front of you.


2. Try to feel what the object feels, or imagine it.


3. Try to feel, or imagine, the way the object is feeling about

itself and the whole of it's surrounding, or the entire world.


4. Try to perceive the way the object is perceiving itself and it's

surrounding, or imagine it.


5. Try to merge your consciousness with the object's consciousness,

or imagine it.


6. Try to unite, to be one, with object; to become the object -- or

imagine it.




* PS:


This meditation is best being practiced with one object at a time. It

may be practiced for few minutes at a time, or for a longer period -- at

your choice.


Results may be apparent fairly soon, and for a while it may seem that

nothing happens. Either way, it is a very effective and powerful exercise.

With practice, in time, results are bound to be there. Whatever the pace

of progress is, regularity in practice is highly recommended.







* Preface:


This meditation is of the guided imagery type. It is a visualization of

humanity moving to a higher step in it's evolution by recreating and

increasing connectedness and caring to Mother Earth.


It is a practical application and implementation of our widened

perspective, consciousness, caring and love. In turn, practicing this

meditation and our practical caring serves us in widening our hearts and

our perspective.


Some say that humanity is degrading itself into too much materialism.

Some say that humanity is destroying itself and our planet Earth. Whether

it is true or not, to whatever degree it is accurate or not -- it feels

like the call of our time for each and everyone to actually do the best

one can to care for humanity and Mother Earth. This meditation is a very

effective means towards this end.




* Foreword:


This meditation is best practiced sitting, eyes closed. One may start

with relaxation, praying or asking and shielding -- at your choice.


This meditation, much like all guided imagery meditations, is utmost

effective when it is being practiced following 5 - 15 minutes of

practicing The Silence Meditation. That is, practice the Silence

Meditation for a while and while sitting, eyes closed, switch to Mother

Earth Meditation.


All imagining may be visual or verbal.




* Instructions to Mother Earth Meditation:


The meditation is imagining a future utopian ideal state of affairs in

which humanity as a whole and all humans, or the majority of humans, are

having a high degree of connectedness, caring and affinity to nature and

to Mother Earth. People are having a deep and genuine respect and

reverence to nature and all it's aspects, to Mother Earth.


It is very good to try and have as better and as ideal picture as one

may have. It is good to go into details, seeing ways in which people are

respecting and caring for Mother Earth, seeing nature prospering and

blooming, seeing mutual love, respect and affinity between people and





* PS:


Sitting is not mandatory. It can be practiced at any time and in any

place, while working (if the nature of your work allows), while walking,

etc. Just bring to mind this ideal imagery, or your own caring and respect

to nature, whenever and wherever possible.


Practically and actively doing something towards this aspired ideal is

very helpful to the meditation. It may be "small" things, within one's

means. It may be practically feeling love, caring, respect and affinity to

nature or to natural objects. It may be feeling respect and love to a

plant, an animal, or to nature, every now and then. It may be speaking up

one's voice on the issue in the proper place and time. Whatever it may be,

the actual doing is part and parcel of the meditation itself. Much as in

all spiritual practices -- validity is in the implementation.







Spiritual Circles were performed by humans from time immemorial. They

are one of the most powerful spiritual acts humans can do in a group. The

practical and symbolical power, meaning and significance of such circles

is supreme.


Planetary Healing Circles are probably the most effective means for

healing nature and our planet. They are the crest-jewel to all who care

about nature and Mother Earth.


Planetary Healing Circles can be done by groups of any size -- it takes

at least three people to create such a circle.


Planetary Healing Circles are best being done in the open, outside

cities residence -- though they may be done in any backyard or front-yard.


Forming a Planetary Healing Circle is very simple. Get to the spot of

your choice, collect few stones and form a circle with those stones. The

size and exact shape of the circle has no much importance.


Stand, or sit, outside the circle of stones you have created, eyes

closed or open -- at your choice. For a duration of between ten to thirty

minutes give healing to nature and Mother Earth.


Those who may have no previous healing experience may simply intend the

healing of Mother Earth, or pray for it, or perform the Mother Earth

Meditation described above.


It is recommended to perform the Mother Earth Consciousness exercise

described above, prior to performing the Planetary Healing Circle, though

it is definitely not mandatory.


Groups who may perform Planetary Healing Circles on weekly basis will be

greatly blessed. Groups who may perform Planetary Healing Circles on a

monthly basis will be greatly blessed. Even getting together and

performing a Planetary Healing Circles once every few months is a



Be blessed for holding Planetary Healing Circles.




*PSA 47:7 For God is the King of all the earth: sing ye praises with understanding.


*PSA 72:3 The mountains shall bring peace to the people, and the little hills, by righteousness.


*PSA 121:8 The LORD shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.


*JOH 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.


*LUK 2:14 Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.


*Aum Shanti Aum.




May your own Light and Love guide you.


Last updated: January 1, 1997.

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