Your Pace or Mine

Your Pace or Mine

I don't come out of my shell very often
'cause it takes me 'bout half the day.
And I'll never be thrilled about traveling
until I find a faster way.

For me, crossing over a speed bump
is like you trekking 'cross the state.
And I never can keep an appointment,
'cause I'm always 'bout three days late.

If you raced me against a turtle,
I'd still have no fair chance of winning.
He'd zoom right past the finish line
but I'd still be back at the beginning.

It's a leisurely life, but it has its drawbacks.
It's a jungle out there when you're slow.
And if I could just run about 20 times faster,
there'd be no more escargot.

(C) 1998, Arden Davidson

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