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Fear of Frying

Fear of Frying

The story of my life is sad,
But I'll tell you, if you like.
I was born dirt poor in the richest soil
in a town called Spudsville Pike.

One day I got snatched away from my home
and then thrown in the back of a truck.
My eyes could see life on the road was not easy,
so I smiled and wished myself luck.

I knew that I'd be a success in the world,
no matter what trials lay ahead.
I was told that the world would butter me up
But boy, what a line I'd been fed!

I knew life had taken a turn for the worst
when I first saw those golden arches.
Now my hope for the future is fried just because I am
one of your favorite starches!

(C) 1998, Arden Davidson

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