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  The pursuit followed by GrcMoto is the will to renew our products by adopting innovative structural solutions, with the ultimate goal of realising a product wich assures the maximum reability and safety while offering superior performance. From those presuppotions come the new Midimoto Gp Racing and Minimoto Rc40.
The Midimoto Gp Racing model has 10% more cycling capacity than that of the Minimoto Rc40.
The innovations wich characterise the new Grc models are numerpous and important. First of all, both current models are equipped with 6,5" tubeless tyres, mounted onto one-piece rims, guaranteeing and improved driveability. The brake system has been completely modified. New brake capilers and new disks allow a complete control of the motorcycle. The handlebars have been reinforced through the adoption of an alluminium attachment. The fork, in chromium steel with enlarged stems, are equipped with new linings made in alluminium, machined from the solid, more resistant and offering a better driving stability.
Lastly, the new, completely remodelled fairings, together with the other details contribute to make the new GrcMoto models even more like the motorcycles of the stars of the world championship and superbike.

Engine: 39,69 cmc two-stroke single cylinder air or liquid cooled.
Boring x stroke: 36 x 39mm
Power: HP 6,2 
Carburettor: Dell’Orto 14,14L
Suction with laminar valve in cranckcase
Dry clutch with counterweights
Ignition: By pulling with automatically winding cables
Front-back disk brakes
Depressed profile tubeless tyres 6,5"
Fuel: Premium grade with 2% oil
Spark plug:Champion L82G - Champion N2C

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