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Banner!| April 28, 2001
Well, Jeb couldn't make the banner as he is very busy with Moonside. But, I will have a Protection List tomorrow.

Flukes| April 26, 2001
I have added some flukes by Scizordramon. Also, I'm still waiting for that banner from Jeb.

Sorry all| April 21, 2001
Well, I have been very busy at school lately, so I haven't been able to update much. I'll try and update more. Also, I have changed the layouts.

Been busy| April 17, 2001
Today has been a busy night. I could not do a real update. :(

That's one spicy a-meatball!| April 16, 2001
Well, yes, I changed the colors... but not on every page. Only the sidebar changed. But not the info tables. So tomorrow I'll change all that. I had tons-o-homework tonight.

Jebby Jebby Doo, where are you?| April 15, 2001
I changed the colors on the site to blue. >:D Anyways, Jeb2 said he would make me a better banner. I can't wait!

Creative Corner Updated| April 14, 2001
I put all (Meaning one) the CC entries up. There is a new CC for this week.

Wat3r sucks| April 13, 2001
No...not Aqy. He's cool. >:D I'm talking the flood. Our town flooded and I've been Sandbagging all day. I will update 100% on Saturday. Creative COntest will be updated although Bloop was the only entry and automatically wins. Also, I'll make a spiffy enemy for all ya!

New Image Directories| April 12, 2001
I'm at school right now, and I fixed all those image directories. Anyways, THERE WAS NO SCIENCE TEST TODAY! YAY! So that means, I can have a guilt-free weekend. I'm gonna make about 15 flukes for the site, so I can have more flukes.

Site Info Page is up. | April 11, 2001
No content though. Expect some more this weekend. We have Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday off! :)

Merchandise | April 10, 2001
The Merchandise page is up. Although there is no content there.

grrr | April 9, 2001
Yutz is making me add one more fluke to his section. He now has 20. :)

Click Top Banner on any page to go back to main. | April 9, 2001
*points to topic* Nuff said?

They call him, Yutz... Master of the universe... | April 8, 2001
What else am I gonna say? He sent in 19 flukes! Thanx buddy! As for tomorrow, I have school. I guarantee I'll update, but I'm not sure what I'll update. Maybe the Misc pages.

Weapons List is up, and hail Team EarthBound! | April 8, 2001
It took a while, but I got the weapons list up! Also, I formed a Team EarthBound in a game called AcroPhobia. Very cool. Congrats to EB-Jim for winning MVP on April 7, 2001.
-Carpainter aka Eaglet

Bloop182 and HappyMrSaturn are l33t! | April 8, 2001
Yes! Thank them! Bloop182 sent some really neat fanfics, and HMS sent us a whopping 10 flukes! I reccomend you check those out, and please, send your own!

Almost all pages up! | April 7, 2001
All pages are up but Site Info,Forums,Merchindise, and Special Stuff. Not a lot of content, but I'm working on that now.

Links are up! | April 7, 2001
The links page is up! Check it out!

Happy Happy! | April 7, 2001
Welcome to Happy Happy! I am your webmaster, Carpainter! This site will open today as it is dedicated to my dad who's birthday is today! Oh, In the Mother 2 section, I added the PSI list. The only pages that are up are the Mother 1, Mother 2, and Mother 3. Mother 1 and 3 won't be updated for a while. I'm gonna do some Fan Stuff today though, and maybe you should send some articles!

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