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About Me

I have to be the most complex person in creation. I tend to think of
myself as everyone and no one. But if you want the basic run
down on me here it is:

This is me at my birthday bash on Oct. 15. ( That's
right...almighty Libra! )

I'm 5'4" ( short, short, short ), brown
hair ( with lots of natural (swear) red and blonde highlights )
and I have nicknamed myself the "Queen Of Contridictions."
I read about one novel a day and have a habit of
sketching when I'm supposed to be paying
attention. ( Thanks Bunten! ) Some trivial info
about me :

I LOVE movies ! A few of my favorites include
Labyrinth, Usual Suspects (secret smile),
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Princess Bride,
FrightNight, Blade, Shakespeare In Love, Tombstone,
Dracula, CATS, Celebration, John Carpenter's Vampires,
A Clockwork Orange, The Matrix, DragonHeart, and Interview with the Vampire.
I read A LOT. My favorite authors range from Johanna
Lindsay to Anne Rice to Shannon Drake. I recently organized my shelves
and noticed I have more than 200 novels...unfortunately
I've read them if you know of any new
books out by the above authors, E-Mail Me.
I'm really big on photography. I find willing subjects in
my friends and family. Thanks for putting up with me guys !!!
Check some of them out here with pics
from my birthday bash.

Check back OFTEN, I am updating these pages daily!!!

Below are some of the people who have changed
my life. For whatever reason, they've
all become indespensable to my existence. I love
you guys !!!

Shown here, Loki Kilo Francis Dratt Christ...but
we just call him Loki. He's my older brother and
much loved protector. He runs an industrial goth
group called Kathedral, though he is also exploring
other options. He plays both
bass and electric guitar, rocks
on vocals, and still finds tiime to sign bands to
impending fame. (P.S. He also smokes a pack and
1/2 a day.) Loki also specializes in web design and
might help you...if you beg.

To visit Kathedral's
Homepage click here :

or email Loki at

DANZIG, Type O Negative, Ministry, Front Line Assembly,
Faith and the Muse, Nine Inch Nails, Crisis, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne.

Also in the music business is my dear friend
Andrew Salvation, with 8 years of concert pianist training.
Andrew (or Andy) can entertain with both
the haunting tones of a gothic organ
and the mellow notes of Rachmaninoff.
Andy's ex-girlfriend's name is Diane. We
hate her. : ) His new girlfriend's name is Audra...
and she's damn cool. Congradulations on finally being
happy Andy. (Now lets hope Mr.
Right can find me...) They are the greatest friends a girl
could possibly ask for.

Rachmaninoff, Liszt, Faith
and the Muse, Inkkubus Sukkubus, Nine Inch Nails, Tori Amos.

Penni, whose real name is Penelope
(but NO ONE can seem to pronounce it
correctly) is my very best friend. Well,
she's actually my aunt who
served as a second
sister type. If it weren't for her,
I do believe I'd go crazy. A great
quote for the two of us is :

"We're not suffering from insanity,
we're enjoying every minute of it ! "
~ Unknown

New Moon
More than just hundreds of free
spells and wiccan rituals, this site provides
the fun Pagan Points Purity Test,
name generator, candle magic,
coven of the mists tradition
information, information about ritual tools
and more. A wealth of information.

If you'd like to contact Penni for
more on the above subject, Email her here.

And even though my mom won't give me a
picture...she deserves some credit for being
damn cool. Love you Mom!