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"It's only forever...not long at all..."

Welcome to my Labyrinth Page. It's my little tribute
to a movie I've loved since age 5. (Thanks, Penn, for that first
copy!) ...And what's worse...I'm not alone in my
appreciation for this work of art. There are literally
MILLIONS of David Bowie fans who first began to fall in
love with the British rock legend through his early
portrayal of "Jareth: King of the Goblins."

A Short Synopsis

Jareth the Goblin
King (Bowie) is called by Sarah (Connelly)
to take her baby brother 'Far, far away from her.' When
he does, Sarah decides she really didn't mean it, and so
is forced to set out on a quest across the King's dangerous
Labyrinth, where nothing is ever what it seems. As Sarah
battles the sarcastic, but hard to resist King of the
Labyrinth, she meets several characters; some friend, some foe.
As Sarah gets closer to the center of the labyrinth, and her
brother, the King begins to fall in love with her.
Believing his concern to be another one of his tricks,
Sarah spurns the King's affections when she faces him in
the Ballroom, in the Escher room, and during the showdown.
But even as Sarah beats his Labyrinth, the king is seen (in owl
form) watching her celebrate her victory with her

Big News !!!
Recently there has been some dispute as to whether
or not Bowie wants to have Labyrinth re-released,
but seems not to have stopped it from happening.

To David:
Labyrinth was what we fell in love with.
It was our first impressions of you. If
there was ever a time when you regreted
making it, you have only to look at the
thousands of fans across the world who
love you because and despite it.

For Labyrinth fans who want to commune with below to join
one or both of the Labyrinth Mailing Lists, yourself. Just follow the link
bellow to find out how...

Labyrinth Soundtrack

1. Opening Credits ( Including Underground )
2. Into the Labyrinth
3. Magic Dance
4. Sarah
5. Chilly Down
6. Hallucination
7. As The World Falls Down
8. The Goblin Battle
9. Within You
10. Thirteen O'Clock
11. Home At Last
12. Underground


It's finally here ! A vast (okay, semi-vast ) collection of Labyrinth images
from all over the web. Many thanks to those who spent hours
diligently helping me further my collection. Click on the "Images" button
above to enter...

For more places to search for Labyrinth and Labyrinth related
subjects, check out the Labyrinth section of my Links Page.

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