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This is the archive of all previous and upcoming Mellow Blue live shows.
This is also the place to find the locations and reviews of the shows.
More information will be added as I receive it from the band.

Upcoming Performances
Previous Performances
Venue Information
Performance Reviews

Upcoming Concerts

Upcoming concert information will be uploaded as soon as I receive it.

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Past Concerts
01/23/1997 Private Party N/A
03/13/1997 Old Library Coffee House N/A
04/15/1997 Old Library Coffee House N/A
04/22/1997 Old Library Coffee House N/A
10/30/1997 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia House N/A
10/31/1997 F.A.D. Sorority Lounge N/A
11/12/1997 Old Library Coffee House N/A
11/21/1997 F.A.D. Sorority Lounge N/A
12/12/1997 Old Library Coffee House N/A
06/15/1998 Victorian Midnight Café N/A
06/22/1998 Victorian Midnight Café N/A
07/25/1998 Victorian Midnight Café N/A
08/14/1998 The Cambridge Folk Festival (2 shows) N/A
09/16/1998 Covenant Presbyterian Church Picnic N/A
10/25/1998 Little Brothers N/A
10/30/1998 The Big Pig Café (Halloween Show) N/A
11/07/1998 The Big Pig Café N/A
11/14/1998 The Big Pig Café N/A
12/19/1998 Victorian Midnight Café N/A
12/23/1998 The Big Pig Café N/A
05/26/1999 Victorian Midnight Café N/A
11/20/1999 Busking *Free Show* Scioto River Ampitheatre N/A
11/24/1999 Busking *Free Show* Outside The Basso Bean N/A
12/22/1999 Victorian Midnight Café N/A

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Venue Information

Venue Information is forthcoming. . .

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Performance Reviews

There are no reviews currently available to my knowledge. . .

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