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28/1/2006:- Welcome to "Visionaries Unleashed" a website all about the 80s cartoon "Visionaries" or "Visionaries- Knights of the Magical Light". You will find out soon about the Spectral Knights(the good guys) and the Darkling Lords(the bad guys). It's all about living in an age without electricity and with the help of wizard Merklynn, these knights can transform into an animal that resembles their personality. Some were even given magical staffs that, as the catchy rythme of words of their spells were uttered, a special power like wisdom, decay or knowledge would leap out of it and do you're bidding! We will never forget the adventures of Leoric, Merkylnn, Darkstorm and so on. Sadly there were only 13 episodes made,a 2nd series was in the works but was cut short due to Hasbro.

1/7/06 : Sorry, i had to take away the animated gifs, they were eating up too much of my bandwith. They were bad quality ones anyway...honest!!!This website is now fully constructed folks. I had to delete the guestbook, due to heavy spam/junk mail.

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