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Welcome To the Enchanted Broom Closet

An Enchanted and Magickal shoppe

Beautiful Onyx Lamps,pyramids, eggs, spheres, obelisks, Vases and Goblets!

Beautiful Amethyst Lamps and Candle Holders

Beautiful Rainbow and Regular Moon stone Spheres and Pyramids

Beautiful Citrine Lamps and Candle Holders

Beautiful and Magickally Healthy Quartz Crystal Lamps

Beautiful and Magickally Healthy Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps

Beautiful and Magickal Rose Quartz Candle Holders and Lamps

A variety of Awesome Agate Candlestones!

Some really awesome Sodalite Candleholders and Spheres!

An assortment of Fluorite Candlestones, fountains, Spheres, Pyramids and Points

Moldavite--Real life Kryptonite

Order Form--Please print this form and send with Money Order or Check

Sorry for the inconvenience, We are not accepting paypal at the moment. Please Print out the order form and send check or money order to:
Christina Belder, 11,852 E. 16th Ave, #G-10, Aurora, CO 80010


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