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Clear Quartz Page

Crystal Quartz Page--Quartz Crystal is the most versatile multi-purpose healing stone that is easy to cleanse, store info or energy in, program or amplify energy and healing with them can both draw and send Energy. Clear ones are the most powerful and opens the brow, crown and transpersonal centers for meditation, sending/receiving guidance. It stimulates natural crystals in body tissues and fluids to resonate a new healing frequency. It has also been used for astral projection, divination, protection, and psychism.
Quartz Crystal also helps with the following:
  • Fills the aura, chakras and aura bodies with light; heals and aligns the etheric and emotional bodies
  • Clears negativity at all levels, protects from negative energy and detoxifies the aura.
  • Promotes and intensifies spiritual expansion and awareness, promotes enlightenment.
  • Aids emotional stability, helps all physical and emotional diseases, speeds healing, brings goodness on every level.
  • Enhances psychic powers
  • Aids in Vision Questing
  • Protective Shielding
  • Use for prophesy
  • Energizing
  • Thought Storage Retrieval
  • Excellent Projectors
  • Place one at each watchtower at rituals or on the altar.

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