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Passenger Lists
SS City of Rome -- Departed Greenock & Londonderry, England. Arrived in New York June 1, 1896.
here to see a partial passenger list.
In 1863 James Poulsen and his first wife, Kerstine, and their three children came to America on a German registered ship, the Athena. The voyage from Hamburg to New York was most unpleasant. The captain was hostile and harsh in his treatment of the Latter-day-Saints. During the 47-day passage, thirty-eight people died and many others became ill. James' then future second wife, Maren Kirstina Arff, was also on this voyage and she helped  nurse the Poulsen children and their mother when they became ill. Sadly they never recovered and James had to bury his family at sea.
Thomas Smedley along with son and daughter in law, Thomas Joynes and Ann Smedley, came to the US in 1857 on board The George Washington. They sailed from Liverpool, England on March 28, 1857 and arrived in Boston, Massachusetts April 20, 1857.  You can see two pages of the ship's roster here:    one page         another page
Robert and Matilda sailed to America from Liverpool aboard the Ship Emerald Isle November 1855.  They arrived in New York Dec 31, 1855.  They were listed on page 6 of the passenger list as:
Robert Price age 20  Pawnbroker
Matilda "       age 22  Wife
     Coincedently, my 3rd great grandfather George Pickett and family (on mom's side) were on this same voyage.  You can see the page they were on
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