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Name: Michael Schumacher

Nickname: Schumi or Schuey
Date of Birth:
3rd January 1969
Nationality: German
Place of Birth: Hürth-Hermülheim, Germany
Height: 1.74m
Weight: 68kg
, Switzerland
Status:   Married to Corinna Betsch since Tuesday 1st August 1995
Children: Gina-Maria, daughter (DOB 19/01/97) and son Mick (DOB 22/03/99).
Family: Rolf, Father, Elizabeth, Mother and Ralf, Brother (DOB 30/6/75).

His Hobbies...
Soccer, tennis, swimming, skiing.

His Manager...
Michael's manager since 1989 has been Willi Weber. Schumacher was to receive a free drive in his WTS team for three years, Weber in return receives 20% of all income Michael earns from motor races. The initial agreement was to last 10 years, however it was later extended for a further several years.

His Helmet...
Michael explains how his helmet's paint scheme came about:
"From the area of the visor you see the traditional German black-red-gold. I chose the colours years ago with a friend of mine and I changed it only slightly, mostly to include sponsor decals. The blue circle with the white stars on the top was his idea. After joining Ferrari I added the prancing horse on the back. "

Since the European GP 2000, Michael has raced with a modified helmet design. The blue circle on the top in now painted light red. The white Marlboro stripe around the top is also now red. The change was made to prevent confusion between himself and Barrichello, whose design was confusingly similar.

F1 Teams Driven for:
Jordan (1991)
Benetton (1992-1995)
Ferrari (1996-)