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Bomer's Next Move

From TV GUIDE Online for week of 7/28/03

He may not be leaping tall buildings in a single bound, but Matthew Bomer (Ben, GL) is still flying high. The young actor whose name was listed among big-screen Superman candidates has been cast in several episodes of the new series Tru Calling, TV Guide Online has learned. The cerebral drama follows the life of a young woman who can change the course of destiny by reliving a day. Bomer is slated to play a crime scene photographer and love interest for leading lady Eliza Dushku. While the Vancouver-based production seems to support reports of Bomer's exit from Guiding Light, there has been no confirmation of a departure. Tru Calling, featuring soap vet Jessica Collins (ex-Dinah, Loving), will premiere on Oct. 30 (8 pm/ET, FOX).

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