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Personal Information When I tried to drink the first cup of coffee... I have already known that I love it as I met you in the very beginning, I have already known that I love you. Maybe you think that I am very stupid, yup...  I am a stupid when I am in front of you... I don't mind to be your stupid if you are happy. No matter whom I will go out with in the future or I went out with whom  before... if this guy is not you... the feeling is same as a cup of coffee without rock sugar . Well... In the very beginning when I drank a cup of coffee without rock sugar... the taste was very bitter.... however... one day... when I was drinking the same kind of coffee... the feeling was same as I was drinking a glass of water, no bitter,  no sweet of course, and no tastes anymore... hmmm..... I think I am used to drink it. well..... it is not  hard to imagine if I live in the world without you.... I am a stupid in your mind.... but you are a sweet watermelon in my mind ( Do you still remember you told me you are a sweet water melon ? I never forget it, because it is what you told me before)

I wish I can say "Happy Birthday" to you ... I wish I can celebrate your birthday, I wish I can give you a gift.... I wish..... there is no distance between us....... However....even the simplest thing I cannot do for you.... 

I believe you still miss me... I believe you still miss the day we talked and talked until midnight, I believe you still remember I have knitted a scarf to you, I believe.... I believe I can see you again some time or other. 

Whenever I have time, I will start to design a website. I like writing and putting all my rubbish essays on it. I don't mind whether my essay is good  or not, I just enjoy the process, the process of writing them, the process of putting them on the website.


2003-06-18 00:52

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I like drinking Cappuccino ...       But what you like to drink is Tea..Although you don't mind to drink cappuccino with me....I don't like drinking it with you ....Don't ake me the reason....becoz the reason is "I don't like" ...I don't like is I don't like....Even though I do give you the reasons....but those are excuses...sorries.....I did find a person to drink Cappuccino with me.two years ago..but I dunno whether he will drink it with me or not...2002-7-18 00:15