The Roll Brim Stash Hat!

I made this hat as a result of the KnitList Hat Exchange (I wish I could post a link, but the only one I have is broken). Hence, I have no picture. The hat is currently in residence with someone named Nancy in Minnesota. But, my memory of the hat remains. It's quick, VERY easy, and looks stylish too. I made the one pictured above in about 6 hours. Why don't you make one for charity?

Size: small (medium, large)

You Need:

Needles: size US 10 circular and/or DPNs
Yarn: 1 ball bulky weight that matches all your other balls(CC)
5 balls worsted weight that mesh well (MC1-5)

(this is meant to be a STASH HAT. Use your leftovers. You don't need a very large ball!)

(also, if you have a lot of fingering weight leftovers you want to get rid of... double strand it and you can't tell the difference between it and worsted.)

Gauge: About 4 stitches per inch, or 16 stitches is 4"

Fits: 18"-19" (20"-21", 22"-23") head

Here we go!

Cast on 80 (90, 100) stitches onto your needles using your CC. Join being careful not to twist. Knit one row, then purl one row. Switch to MC1.

K12 rows with MC1. (The rolling will make the stripe smaller.) Switch to CC.

*K 1 row. P 1 row. Switch to MC2.

K8 rows with MC2.*

Repeat from * to * for 2 more colors, or until desired head length. Do one more garter set in CC and switch to final MC. Begin decreases.

(At this point, you will probably need to switch to DPNs)
Row 1: *k 6 (7, 8) stitches. K2 tog. Repeat from * to the end of the round.
Row 2: *k 5 (6, 7) stitches. K2 tog. Repeat from * to the end of the round.
Row 3: *k 4 (5, 6) stitches in pattern. K2 tog. Repeat from * to the end of the round.

Follow this system until there are 16 (18, 20) stitches left on the needle. Switch to CC.

K2 tog for the entire round. There should be 8 (9, 10) left.
P2 tog for the entire round. (If you're making a medium, purl the last stitch)

Cut yarn. Run remaining thread through the last 4 (5, 5) loops and into the hat. Sew in ends.

Model your new hat for your friends!

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