Knitting for Charity

Occasionally, you will have a long stretch between projects. You are bored and restless without your knitting. So, what should you do?

Knit for charity!

It's cheap, it's simple, and it does good. Makes you feel good too. I don't regret the sweater I made for charity, even though it gave me a lot of grief, or the hats, scarves, baby outfits and blankets that have gone there. Hopefully they helped someone, and they were a great learning experience for me too.

Here are some links:

WoolWorks Charity Page- List by state of who takes accepts knitted goods's list- is a great resource for anything knitted, and this list is no exception.

recipelink- Another great list, includes crocheters as well.

Chemo Caps- Simple chemo caps.

afghans for Afghans- Another excellent site that will take anything except for scarves.

Hugs for Homeless Animals- Simple, small blankets for homeless animals. A very simple project.

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