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Telephone Benefit Statement Worksheet





Most of the time you'll use your Benefit Statement on the phone when making cold calls. You will learn how to use a phone effectively in the topic on cold calling. Here it is shown how to make a telephone benefit statement.

1. Introduce Yourself
e.g. Good morning/afternoon. My name is June Shwarz.

2. Ask to speak to a Supervisor/Manager/Human Resources Person
e.g. May I speak to the person in charge of hiring Shipping and Receiving clerks?

3. Greet the person you have been connected to and introduce yourself and the kind of work you're looking for.
e.g. Good morning/afternoon Mr. Gordon. My name is June Gao. I am researching job opportunities with your Shipping and Receiving department.

4. How much related experience and where
e.g. I have three years experience.

5. Describe your skills, strengths, personal characteristics related to the job
e.g. I can lift up to 60 lbs., operate a forklift and I am a hard worker who meets deadlines.

6. Describe 1 or 2 Accomplishment Statements related to your work experience
e.g. At my last job, I always ensured orders were filled accurately and sent out on time.

7. Request for Interview and/or ask to submit your Résumé
e.g. May I fax a copy of my résumé for your consideration? Thank you very much. Could we meet next week to further discuss how my skills and experience would meet your needs. Thank you very much.

8. remember to Thank the person speaking to you.

Lets see some samples Benefit Statements