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20-30 Second Sales Summary of Your Marketable Skills







This topic will tell you how to write the most important thing in your job search, i.e. your Benefit Statement. It is obvious that unless you can tell an employer what benefit you can bring to him or her, you can't get a job.

bulletDEFINITION: The Benefit Statement is defined as "a one paragraph summary of who you are and what you have to offer an employer".

A benefit statement is a clear marketing  statement, a professional profile, focused on selling your skills and achievements for an employer's benefit

Advantages of a Benefit Statement:

bulletThe benefit statement can serve as a starting point in marketing yourself professionally to a potential employer.
bulletMakes a positive first impression
bulletHelps you find information about a job, company and hiring personnel that otherwise would not be advertised.

 An Effective Benefit Statement has the following:

bulletYour name.
bulletThe type of work you are looking for.
bulletYears of experience or background in your industry.
bulletKey hard skills and credentials specific to performing your line of work.
bulletKey soft skills that are required for success in the position you are applying for
bulletAccomplishment statements.

When spoken, the Benefit Statement should be no longer that 20-30 seconds

 Steps in Writing Your Benefit Statement

  1. Research your job goal using Occupational information to determine what Hard & Soft Skills you need to be successful in the job your are applying for (NOC, Futures, Occupational Profiles)
  2. Pick up to two Accomplishment Statements from the Accomplishment Statements Exercise you have completed.
  3. Write down all of the Training, Academic and Vocational you have done.
  4. Summarize the Information into a one paragraph statement that is no longer than 30 seconds in length.

What It looks like

A benefit statement looks like this:

Good morning James, My name is John Paul. I am currently researching job opportunities with your organization as an Intermediate Accountant.

My highlights include:

bulletSeveral years of accounting experience in various roles
bullet4rh level CGA program
bulletSolid experience with fund, trust accounting, book keeping, AR/AP
bulletAnalyzed mutual fund exception account and located a $100,000 discrepancies

Could we meet next week to further discuss how my skills and experience would meet your needs?

May I fax my résumé for your consideration?

What is your fax number? Thanks you very much.

Thank you for your time.

Lets see a Telephone Benefit Statement