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 Glossary of Political Science Terms

 Anarchism  Dynasty  Marxism  Referendum
 Anti-semitism  Empire  Mfecane  Rendition
 Apartheid  ERM  Mixed economy  Representative Democracy
 Aristocracy  Ethnic cleansing  Mobilization  Sanctions
 Autarky  Fascist, Nazis, Nazism,  Monarchy  Secrecy
 Authoritarian  Federation  NAFTA  Secular
 Autogolpe  Feudalism  Nationalism  Slavery
 Bolshevik  Free Market  Native State  Socialism
 Capitalism  Fundamentalism  Nomenklatura  Soviet
 Cargo-Cult  GATT WTO  Non-Aligned Movement  Stalinism
 Caudillo  Glasnost  OECD  Street Children
 Cult  Green  Oligarchy  Subsidiarity
 CE  Homeric  Party System  Superpower
 Colonization  Hyperinflation   Peak Oil  Taboo
 COMECON  Hyperpower  People's Republic  Tax
 Commonwealth  Ibn Khaldun  Perestroika  Terrorist
 Communism  Income  Pidgin  Thatcherite
 Concentration Camp  Indian  Pol Potism  Third World
 Conservative  Indirect Rule  Pronunciamiento  Tordesillas
 Cooperative  Individualism  Protectorate  Torture
 Currency  Intifada  Putsch, coup  Tory, Whig
 Death Squads  Liberalism    Totalitarianism
 Depression  Maastricht  Quangos  Guerrilla
 Devolution  Mafia  Racism  Trickle down
 Dictator  Mameluke  Kleptocracy  Uniate
 Dominion  Mandate  Realpolitik  Zionism

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