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1ère Bac. Sc.| May 2015

(_^)    Language Test    (^_)

  1. Choose the right answer
    1. The kids ate the apples (whom / which) were in the plate.
    2. I know the man (who / whose) lives in this castle.

  2. Fill in the blanks with ~ too OR enough ~
    1. She is only 15. She is young to get married.
    2. You are not experienced to do this job.

  3. Fill in the blanks with: for OR since
    1. We didn't meet last week.
    2. They have worked on the project four years consecutive.

  4. Put the verbs between brackets in the correct form
    1. If I were not a student, I (prefer) to be one.
    2. We (have) lunch at the cafeteria tomorrow.
    3. I (sleep) very early last night because I was tired.
    4. I (just / hear) the good news.

  5. Fill in the blank with the appropriate word from the list
    1. You should clean the room you leave.
    2. The meal was delicious everybody enjoyed it.

  6. What do you mean?
    1. Ted no longer goes to the gym. Ted
    2. Ben doesn't like chips any more. Ben

  7. Put in the negative
    1. Ali has taken your calculator.
    2. She left the baby alone.

  8. Choose the right answer
    1. Did you find (your / you're) calculator?
    2. The story about the ghost was (frightened / frightening)
    3. We were (disgusted / disgusting) . The food was dirty.

  9. Rewrite these sentences with the words given
    1. The dog chased your cat.
      Your cat

    2. Someone is using your PC.
      Your PC

    3. You must read the instructions carefully.
      The instructions

  10. Match the letters with the numbers
    1. Please, will you bring me that chair over there?a. opnion.1.
    2. You ought to go home and have a rest now.b. request.2.
    3. To my mind, this quiz is the easiest.c. advice.3.

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