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1ère Bac. Sc.| May 2015

(^_^)    Language Test    (^_^)

  1. Put the verbs between brackets in the correct form
    1. My sister (buy) a cell phone like this one a year ago.
    2. We (never / do) a quiz like this before.
    3. If I (be) stronger, I would move this rock.
    4. If you don't hurry, you (be) late for school.

  2. Fill in the blank with the appropriate word from the list
    as a resultbeforeafterbecause
    1. We stayed at home yesterday it was raining cats and dogs.
    2. They slept very early; they didn't do their homework.

  3. Fill in the blanks with ~ too OR enough ~
    1. If you are not smart , you won't finish this quiz in time.
    2. No way! This tree is high for me to climb up.

  4. Put in the negative
    1. I have lost my money in the bus.
    2. The cat ate the fish.

  5. Choose the right answer
    1. (Its / It's) lunchtime already.
    2. Oh my God! This smart-phone is really (amazed / amazing) .
    3. I canít go to work. I am terribly (exhausted / exhausting)

  6. What do you mean?
    1. She no longer has tea for breakfast. She
    2. They donít listen to me any more. They

  7. Match the letters with the numbers
    1. As I see it, the quiz is not difficult.a. request.1.
    2. Can you open that window, please? b. opinion.2.
    3. Why don't you ask the teacher for help? c. advice.3.

  8. Rewrite these sentences with the words given
    1. The cat eats your fish.
      Your fish

    2. They are building a new Mosque in the village.
      A new Mosque

    3. Someone will give you papers to sign.

  9. Choose the right answer
    1. Do you know the person (whom / who) has just passed by?
    2. This is the bank (where / which) my sister works.

  10. Fill in the blanks with: for OR since
    1. Leila has been clever she was still a primary school girl.
    2. I have been doing this quiz 30 minutes now.

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